Overall e-marketing concept and implementation by My Clicks

Released on: March 11, 2008, 2:30 am

Press Release Author: My Clicks LLC

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: The SEO provider aims to help businesses realize ideas online

Press Release Body: My Clicks, the expert provider of B2B SEO solutions, now offers
a new range of e-marketing services. The prices of the new solutions start from $
4.500 and are defined based on the company's specific business needs and

My Clicks say that they usually need to design e-marketing solutions for people who
may have brilliant ideas, but have no time to see them come true, as well as for
people who have a vision but no Internet experience.

In general, e-marketing is a combination of marketing and technologies that can be
used to promote the business's presence on the Internet by making use of different
methods. These may include SEO, content writing, article and press release posting,
e-mail marketing, paid inclusions, RSS distribution, blogging, etc.

The company defines the first step towards preparing a successful e-marketing
strategy to be conducting a thorough analysis of the current situation and recent
industry trends, as well as an initial survey of the current condition of the
website. Based on the findings, the project budget, and the business objectives, an
action plan is prepared by a My Clicks team, which has to be approved by and
coordinated with the clients.

Once all preliminary steps have been taken, My Click's new e-marketing services
include structure, content, and optimization. The company points out that the
initial changes and the implementation of new technologies and communication
channels can take up to 60 days to complete. As Internet marketing is a cyclic
process, results need to be constantly monitored in order to take prompt measures if

The company uses professional marketing surveys to define online usability and
industry trends. Only permitted, proven and tested techniques are adopted in the
process. Any use of advertising content is only done with the explicit approval of
the customer. My Clicks team explains. During the entire process, one of the
company's main aims is to make sure that the customer is duly informed about and
fully satisfied with any changes or plans.

My Clicks began offering complex B2B e-marketing solutions in 2006 and has already
managed to achieve successful results and enhanced online performance numerous
clients around the world. 'In order to have a successful e-marketing campaign, both
parties need to consider each other - we as providers need to realize the client's
unique needs, and the client must realize the peculiarities of online performance
that need to be tackled in order to gain a prominent position on the web', My Clicks
officials point out.

Web Site: http://myclicks.us/emarketing.php

Contact Details: My Clicks LLC
711 S Carson Street Ste. 6
Carson City, NV, USA, 89701

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