PINC Solutions Announces an Expanded Portfolio of Yard Hound(tm) Products Tailored to Address the Needs of DC Yards of All Sizes

Released on: March 10, 2008, 2:30 pm

Press Release Author: PINC Solutions

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: Cost-effective, real-time-location-system (RTLS) enabled yard
visibility and management solutions designed to scale with the challenges of
businesses today and tomorrow

Press Release Body: BERKELEY, CA, March 10, 2008 - PINC Solutions, the leader in
cost-effective real-time asset visibility technology, announces the latest expansion
of Yard HoundT products, a growing portfolio of RTLS-enabled yard visibility and
management systems for distribution logistics. Designed with a scalable architecture
requiring minimal capital investment in infrastructure, Yard HoundT can be deployed
to address the mission-critical challenges first, and expanded later in line with
the needs of customers'. The Yard HoundT family of products includes:

Yard HoundT Guard: Monitors trailer traffic through the gate in real-time, and keeps
track of which trailers are in the yard and their age. For fleet trailers that have
permanent tags attached, Yard HoundT Guard enables automation of the check-in and
check-out processes and increases gate throughput.

Yard HoundT Locator: Tracks the location of the mobile asset in the yard in
real-time. Live information about trailer and yard truck movement and status are
collected continuously, and performance analysis such as yard truck and lane
utilization can be generated automatically based on custom metrics. Designed to work
with traditional YMS/WMS or other legacy/proprietary logistics management software,
Yard HoundT Locator can be integrated seamlessly to provide real-time data needed
for enterprise applications to make optimized decisions.

Yard HoundT Director: Presents all the real-time information available from Yard
HoundT Locator through PINC's own intuitive web-based user interface. With the
in-cab touch-screen monitor option, it also allows two-way communication between the
yard managers and the yard truck drivers for sending and confirming the receipt of
trailer move tasks. Leveraging real-time visibility data and sharing them with the
yard truck drivers, the system provides maximum flexibility and all the tools
necessary for effective yard management.

In addition, several optional components are available to extend system features
such as temperature monitoring of refrigerated trailers. PINC also offers hosted
service with round-the-clock technical support to further minimize the burden on
customers' IT resources.

Built on an innovative combination of advanced sensor and passive RFID technologies
as the RTLS platform, PINC\'s products represent a paradigm shift in mobile asset
management through real-time asset visibility. PINC's top-tier clients include
Fortune-500 world leaders in transportation, manufacturing and retail. Named by Food
Logistics among the top-100 technology and service providers based on proven track
record and expertise in serving the food industry, PINC has deployments at multiple
customer sites within the food supply chain as well as other industry verticals.
These systems have already proven their value through immediate efficiency
improvements in customers' daily operations. Additional features of Yard HoundT such
as automated custom alerts and performance reports provide further benefits through
increased productivity, reduced surcharges and insurance premiums, and enhanced
customer service. The resulting improvements in economics typically generate a
positive ROI for customers in less than a year.

About PINC Solutions
PINC is a privately held company headquartered in Berkeley, California. Its real
time asset management solution, Yard HoundT, is deployed at industry-leading
customers in manufacturing, retail and transportation sectors throughout North
America. PINC has pioneered the development of RTLS products using passive RFID,
MEMS and other low-cost sensors to determine the item position, eliminating the need
for heavy capital investment in the infrastructure. The Yard HoundT suite of
products is designed with a scalable architecture for businesses of any size, and is
expandable with modular components as customers' needs grow. For more information
about PINC Solutions and the Yard HoundT Product Suite, please visit

Media Contacts
PINC Solutions: Michelle Kiang (, +1 510-845-4900)

Web Site:

Contact Details: 2095 Rose Street

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