Public Relations Asia Textbook Provides Comprehensive Industry Guide

Released on: March 27, 2008, 4:41 am

Press Release Author: Propeller Communications

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Publication provides first comprehensive review of Asian PR
industry for students and practitioners.

Press Release Body: 'Public Relations for Asia', written by Trevor Morris and Simon
Goldsworthy, and published by Palgrave Macmillan, is aiming to become one of the
standard texts for PR students across the region.

Combining the latest in Public Relations theory with practical guidance on how to
plan and structure a PR campaign and top tips on how to create successful PR
campaigns, Public Relations for Asia has already attracted widespread praise from
industry practitioners.

The book is now finding itself in an increasing number of University and College
libraries as academic institutions throughout Asia add it to their reading lists for
students studying Public Relations.

"Public Relations for Asia" is divided into four sections beginning with a look at
theory and ethics in PR. This is followed by a look at the strategy and planning of
a pr campaign. Section three takes the reader through the practical skills such as
media relations, internal communications, events management and design while the
conclusion examines the future of Asian pr.

Paul Taaffe, chairman and chief executive of Hill & Knowlton worldwide said, "Lack
of skilled talent is the largest single threat to the extraordinary growth of public
relations in Asia. Public Relations for Asia is the go to sourcebook that addresses
that skills gap. It is a pragmatic guide, complete with intelligent analysis,
proven as effective pr tools and useful examples from across the region."

"Public Relations for Asia" is available from Palgrave Macmillan.

About the Authors

TREVOR MORRIS is one of the UK\'s most senior PR practitioners and since 2005 a
Visiting Professor at the University of Westminster, UK, where he teaches on a range
of postgraduate and undergraduate programs. Formerly Morris was Chief Executive of
Chime Communications Public Relations Group, the UK (and Europe)\'s largest PR group,
with some 250 employees. In nearly a quarter of a century in the industry he
successfully built a major PR consultancy, worked for numerous major companies and
government bodies and alongside most of the key players in contemporary PR. Morris
has made countless TV, radio and newspaper appearances and maintains a high profile
within the industry.

SIMON GOLDSWORTHY is Senior Lecturer in Public Communication at the University of
Westminster, UK. He established London\'s first Master of Arts course in Public
Relations and has since added the teaching of Public Relations to the University\'s
well-known undergraduate media studies program. He has lectured to international
audiences, including Johns Hopkins University and at the Sorbonne. His civil service
career included three years at the Central Office of Information and press office
work for a number of Government departments. He has also worked as a PR consultant
in the private sector.

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