Published Artist and Serviceman Poto Leifi creates company to commemorate fallen servicemen and women

Released on: March 14, 2008, 3:07 pm

Press Release Author: Get Sum Stuff

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: FreedomsOnMe is a company that creates commemorative artwork
of fallen servicemen and women. They work closely with families all across the
United States to create breathtaking posters that far surpass any military artwork
we have ever seen!

Press Release Body: \"After searching online for Patriotic Artwork. I decided it was
time to create some new stuff. I\'m a big fan of the military posters created during
WWII, so with the help of some friends as models I began to make new posters with
that vintage-feel. When I finished my first poster the idea came to me of trading my
friend\'s face with the face of a fallen service member. When I did, the poster came
to life in a very profound way and the project took a whole new direction. In the
spring of 2006 I enlisted the help of my friends Jose Roque and Lindsay Hill and
FreedomsOnMe was born.\"

The company has touched many families throughout the United States with the first
series of posters that were released. The company works very closely with the
families in selecting themes for the posters that really paint a picture of who the
fallen Service Members were outside of their uniform. Each poster has a story to
tell and that is what makes this project so profound. Poto Leifi believed in this
project so much he decided to join the Army Reserves and serve his country at the
age of 39. Jose Roque, the Operations Manager for served in OIF 1
in the 82nd Airborne Division.

To truly understand what this company is doing you have to see the work! The pieces
are extremely moving and beautiful, not to mention incredibly unique. There have
been many individuals who have created art pieces in remembrance of the fallen but
this work stands out far beyond the rest. These individuals are on a mission and we
see great things for this company. Please be sure to visit their website at for more information. is a site that recognizes new, innovative, compelling products and
services. For furthur information on how you can have your product appear on our
site please visit

Web Site:

Contact Details: 4316 Ostrom Ave.
Lakewood, CA 90713

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