Sales Catalyst & Marketing Strategist Now Offers Cutting Edge Advice to the Professional Development, Recruitment and E-Learning Industry in her New “Red Hot” White Paper; “Discover the Power of the “Dominant Emotion” Headline to Dramatically Increase ROIs”


Released on: March 13, 2008, 2:56 am

Press Release Author: Celine Horan

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: High level copywriter reveals how using "dominant emotion" in headlines instead of benefits increases ROIs.

Press Release Body: Did you know that 80 percent of the success of your marketing lies in the power of your headline? And that the most powerful headline focuses NOT on benefits, but in the secret power of the “dominant emotion”? And by understanding and using the power of dominant emotion, you can bring in more leads and close more sales.

So what is a “dominant emotion”? By discovering your prospect’s strongest possible emotion(s) about her present problem then using these emotions in your headline copy to grab her attention. And once you’ve got her attention you don’t let go of it. How do you do that? Request Celine’s hot new white paper and you'll know how.

Celine Horan is the best sales catalyst and marketing strategist for the e-learning, recruitment and professional development industry bar none.

As a legal secretary-turned-business woman, Celine is a byproduct of the e-learning, recruitment and professional development industry. She understands how vital it is to continually develop oneself to stay hot in the market place, and how difficult it is for marketers to make the “match” between what is available for manpower, and what is needed.

She is also keenly aware that a shortage of quality “human capital” is just around the corner, with the retirement of the baby boomers. Celine’s ability to see “what’s coming” allows her to help companies in the e-learning, recruitment and professional development niche prepare for the considerable marketing challenges ahead.

Celine’s knowledge of e-learning, recruitment and professional development industry vernacular, her deep understanding of the niche’s unique marketing challenges, her-high level closer abilities, and her strong copywriting skills, allows her to create powerful marketing campaigns and strong copy that meet or exceeds goals and objectives of ROI.

When you select a copywriter to promote your product, you need someone who believes in your product, someone who understands the customers’ core complex and a person with solid knowledge and experience in the field of sales and direct marketing.

That copywriter is Celine Horan. Celine is best qualified to present your e-learning, recruitment and professional development products to the marketplace, generate leads, and skyrocket your sales.

So when you’re ready to take your business to the next level and reap the benefits from her powerful strategies and marketing ideas, give her a call. It will cost you nothing to investigate and may be the difference you need to achieve your objectives this year and the next.

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Contact Details: Celine Horan
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Mail: Grundrebenstrasse 76, 8932 Mettmenstetten, Zuerich, Switzerland.
Telephone: 00 41 43 466 89 23


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