Two Renegade Entrepreneurs Michael Spire and Sebastian Saldarriaga Are Turning The Internet Upside-Down with Abunza!


Released on: March 15, 2008, 9:44 pm

Press Release Author: Al Freeman

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: For the first time, here is a business that gives English speaking internet business people the ability to tap into the 100 million Spanish speaking population online.

Press Release Body: Internet business men Michael and Sebastian have recently announced a history-making business that is already causing quite a stir among internet marketing insiders. It's called Abunza. As successful full-time internet marketers promoting other companies they noticed a real lack of co-operation in the home-based business arena, says Michael. In other words, with most biz-op companies, only the ‘heavy hitters’ are making the huge incomes. They say they created this company to change that.

With an Hispanic background Sebastian saw the tremendous amount of opportunity that there is in the Spanish market. Presently he feels there is this huge gap between the English and Spanish markets. By closing this gap they hope to provide a tremendous amount of opportunity in a marketplace that is genuinely untouched. They provide a direct way to tap into this market through their provided bi-lingual advertising co-ops. As an example, they are going to be on Spanish radio and Spanish TV, and all members have a direct way to participate.

What exactly is it that sets Abunza apart from the rest? Michael was asked "any big-time internet marketing personality will tell you that the key to success online is about list building. Already we have the first bi-lingual video capture page on the internet. It’s so incredible that practically everyone who visits will want to opt-in. The video is THAT powerful. We have built-in Aweber integration—Aweber is the #1 auto-responder service that top pro internet marketers use.

The Abunza Opportunity also provides it's members with the "Dream Team" that provide easy fast telephone contact to get prospects questions answered and sales closed. Reportedly they are seeing big internet heavy hitters joining on an almost daily basis. Apparently Abunza is doing something right. With new business opportunities popping up every day on the internet, sign ups mean they must see the potential in what Abunza is doing differently… not just the bi-lingual market, but word-of-mouth about the total package including weekly recorded training webinars, plus celebrity guest guru speakers who are available every week to answer questions and really expose the mysteries behind why they are successful.

Michael stated: "We have done 90% of the work for you, so that you don’t have to. Even more than that, members who join us from other programs are constantly telling us how different the atmosphere is over here. We are getting a level of helpfulness and accessibility from top income earners that is just not seen out there. This support is huge for an internet newbie and means that it doesn’t matter who your sponsor is, because the company training is of such a high caliber.

When Sebastian was asked, do you really think the Spanish market is ready to explode?

He replied: "This is exactly what the Spanish market has been waiting for. The 100,000,000-plus Hispanic market online is more than ready for an opportunity such as this one. People in Spanish-speaking countries will be able to make money without knowing a word of English.

There are Spanish-speaking people just like you and me who have access to the Internet and understand the amazing possibilities the Internet has to offer. These people are entrepreneurs looking for the right program to help them take the first step to creating their first real business online."

Sebastian and Michael both agree: It is not only an honor but a huge accomplishment since based on the potential this system has to offer to both markets. Our system is like a dream come true for both Spanish and English business people.

With their 100% commission to their members on sales starting from the very first sale, an entire digital library in both English and Spanish, plus an extended compensation plan paid out on 2 tiers it's no wonder this plan has surpassed many other programs.

If you would like more information on The Abunza Program please visit the online opportunity site directly.

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