Village of elmwood park and RedSpeed Illinois Celebrate One Year of Improving Intersection Safety

Released on: March 18, 2008, 11:00 am

Press Release Author: Debra Beerup, Director of Marketing

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: Over 4000 violations have been captured by Elmwood Park\'s red
light camera during the 1st year of operation. The number of violations has dropped
63% since the program began, proving that the cameras do indeed improve driver

Press Release Body: LOMBARD, IL -- It has been one year since the Village of
Elmwood Park's Red Light Camera was activated in March 2007. Since then, over
4,000 violations have been captured and issued by the camera located at the
intersection of 76th and Grand. According to Chief Braglia "These cameras are an
extension of our police force. Their presence is reducing the number of red lights
that are run and this translates into a reduction in accidents. As a result,
residents of our community are much safer".

Partnering with Lombard based vendor RedSpeed-Illinois, motorists caught running a
red light or failing to come to a complete stop before turning right on red pay a
$100 fine. But unlike receiving a ticket from a uniformed officer, the violation is
treated like a civil offense and will not affect the offender's driving record or
insurance rates. All recorded offenses are first reviewed by RedSpeed staff to
ensure no erroneous violations are forwarded to the Elmwood Park Police Department.
Instances where the vehicle was participating in a funeral procession or giving way
to an emergency vehicle are automatically purged from the system. When the
violations are received by the Police Department, they are reviewed by an officer
specifically trained on the RedSpeed system. All information relating to the
violation is encrypted to ensure the highest level of security is maintained, while
the multi-layered screening process guarantees that only the most enforceable
violations are cited.

Elmwood Park residents are obviously responding, since the number of violations
issued has dropped by 63% since the program began. As Chief Braglia points out,
"It's all about being aware of your surroundings and who you are sharing the road
with. We are asking drivers to pay attention to the vehicle in front of them and
follow at a safe distance. The day that the camera doesn't issue one single ticket
is going to be a great day".

The Village is currently working to secure IDOT permits for two additional
intersections, although an exact installation date has not been confirmed. In the
meantime, Chief Braglia is confident the camera at 76th & Grand will continue to
positively change driver behavior and increase safety at the intersection, which was
the program's ultimate objective.

Web Site:

Contact Details: RedSpeed Illinois
400 Eisenhower Lane North, Lombard IL 60148
(630) 317-5735 phone (630)916-0892 facsimile

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