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Released on: April 1, 2008, 11:17 am

Press Release Author: CopperWiki

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: CopperWiki is a fast conductor for information, one which
gives us choices for living a healthy, useful and conscious life. We know a lot of
information exists-but it exists out there piecemeal. We have to hunt for it,
evaluate the credibility of each source and all the hard work sinks when it is time
for the next update.

Press Release Body: CopperWiki is a community driven open collaboration. It offers
choices for living a healthy, useful and responsible life. Most of us are aware of
the importance of conscious living and the urgency of making this concept a way of
life. The CopperWiki world informs, encourages, and shares the best practices for
living responsibly as individuals, community, society, nation and as a planet. It
aims at creating awareness about existing practices and products, their benefits and
harmful impact and the choices available.

Fast conductor for information

The articles in Copperwiki aim at creating awareness about existing products and
practices; the impact of using/following these products/practices; the choices
available; the information related to these choices - all aimed at helping the
reader make an informed choice. Hence it is a fast conductor for information-which
otherwise exists piecemeal at various places.

The site has a wide and varied audience, who in addition to getting to know about
the harmful impact of many products, want to know how to source organically produced
products - especially in India.

Editable organization

The great part is that it is an 'editable' organization which subscribes to the wiki
philosophy of an 'anyone can edit' where good people, with good intent and good work
prevail over the not-so-good, the not-yet-great-enough, and sometimes the downright
bad ones.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Abhijit Banerjee
11/1 Selimpur Road
Calcutta - 700031
Phone - 91-3365459759
Email -

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