GE Aviation`s Cost-Saving RFID Kit-Tracking System Provided by BlueBean

Released on: April 22, 2008, 5:50 pm

Press Release Author: BlueBean, LLC

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: GE Aviation's Cost-Saving RFID Kit-Tracking System Provided
by BlueBean

Press Release Body: GE Aviation is saving time and money thanks to an innovative
RFID tracking system designed and implemented by BlueBean, the RFID Solutions

"GE Aviation came to us with this situation where they were using bar codes to track
their shipments from their plant in Erlanger, KY to their plant in Durham, NC," says
Gregg Maggioli, BlueBean CEO. "What was happening was that the report sent with
each shipment was not always correct because these lists reflected what was supposed
to be shipped but not necessarily what was actually shipped."

Maggioli goes on to explain that because of this, employees in Durham had to spend a
good deal of time manually tracking each shipment and logging in the contents.

"We knew that RFID would be the perfect solution for their situation," says
Maggioli. "The BlueBean RFID Portals along with Alien RFID readers and antennas
combined to make the solution they needed."

Now workers in the Erlanger plant place RFID tags on each kit in the shipment.
Then, when the shipment arrives in Durham those kits are passed through BlueBean's
RFID portals where a complete and accurate list of the entire shipment is produced.

As the kits are automatically received via the RFID system, the system provides
real-time visibility to improve their just-in-time deliveries. This reduces the
amount of work-in-process inventory required.

The benefits of this RFID kit-tracking system extend beyond the dock door as well.
The kits are also tracked internally at the Durham assembly facility from the docks
through the assembly areas.

"GE Aviation executives are thrilled with the time-saving and cost-saving benefits
of this RFID solution," adds Maggioli. "We've gotten great reports on read rates
and ease of use with this new RFID system they've employed."

About BlueBean

BlueBean ( is a privately held RFID consulting and systems
integration company that focuses exclusively on RFID solutions, RFID compliance
mandates, and simplifying the implementation of RFID technology. BlueBean
guarantees clients a solution that successfully meets their business needs based on
real world knowledge, extensive expertise, and certifications from the top RFID
manufacturers including Alien, Impinj, Intermec, Symbol, Omron, Printronix and

BlueBean provides a custom roadmap of the steps required to achieve your goals and
offers services and resources to implement the solution. RFID services include
design, hardware and software selection, installation, implementation, integration
with existing systems, maintenance and support. BlueBean strives to make the
client's RFID deployment as simple and easy as possible.

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