MultiFactor Announces Breakthrough Technology in Secure Authentication

Released on: April 8, 2008, 9:55 pm

Press Release Author: Diego Mejia

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Flexible certificate expirations now easily modified and
measured in hours, days or years

Press Release Body: Irvine, CA, April 09, 2008 -- MultiFactor Corporation, an
innovator in 2-factor authentication , web application security and SSL VPN
Authentication solutions today announced the availability of the newest version of
SecureAuthT, a non-phishable, tokenless 2 factor authentication product. This
release provides substantial benefit to organizations by enabling a simple touch
screen graphical user interface (GUI) that effectively configures the expiration
length of a certificate in both days and hours without the need for advanced
certificate knowledge or access to certificate infrastructure.

MultiFactor recognizes the importance of simple yet effective secure authentication
solutions, especially in large enterprises where network access is required for a
myriad of users including onsite, remote, transient and non-corporate users.
Traditionally, enterprises must establish certificate authentication infrastructure,
namely complex certificate servers, reliant on specially trained cryptographic
engineers. SecureAuth allows organizations to make these modifications simply and
without the requirement of specially trained personnel. Network administrators are
able to control the duration of certificates via a simple GUI - without the need to
access a certificate server.

"SecureAuth\'s revolutionary new feature allows organizations to dynamically generate
certificates with variable expiration terms depending on the security requirements
of the specific application," said MultiFactor COO, Garret Grajek. \"This empowers
the enterprise to adjust the validity of the authentication session to the value of
the resource and the level of risk associated with the application,\" Grajek

The market application for this security flexibility is limitless. One immediate
benefit of this application is the creation of short term certificates for VPN
users. Enterprises have previously avoided using certificates for VPN authentication
due to the vulnerability of leaving a certificate on a non-corporate asset.

About MultiFactor Corporation
MultiFactor Corporation is pioneering the delivery of the strongest, proven 2-factor
authentication , web application security , IPSec and SSL VPN security methodologies
in an easy-to-deploy, low-maintenance product called SecureAuthT. This tokenless,
browser-based authentication solution generates and validates client- and server-
side certificates without PKI. SecureAuth represents the evolution of a technology
that, for more than two decades, has remained the de facto standard for identity and
access management technology. More secure than hardware or software tokens,
SecureAuth is inexpensive to acquire, deploy and manage. MultiFactor Corporation's
innovation and its development of real-world security solutions draws from a
diversified team of cryptographers, network and Web application specialists and
certified security engineers.
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