Released on: April 8, 2008, 8:02 pm

Press Release Author: James Byrd Jr. Oral History Project

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Oral Historian Lani Silver who has coordinated 4,100
interviews on the Holocaust and Visits New York City

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Contact Lani Silver 212-889-5301 or 4l5-485-4208

Noted Oral Historian Visiting New York City April 9 to l5th, 2008

Lani Silver, who is lecturing on the East Coast, on \"Making the Links: The
Holocaust, Genocide and \" coordinated l,700 oral histories with 1,400
Holocaust survivors and 2,563 Interviews on in America.

Former director of Bay Area Holocaust Oral History Project and current director of
the James Byrd Jr. Oral History Project, a project of the Byrd Foundation for
Racial Healing is lecturing on these and related topics in the New York City area.

James Byrd Jr. was dragged through the outskirts of Jasper Texas, in June l998.
Byrd was chained to a truck, by three white supremacists, and dragged three miles to
his . Thus far, Silver has conducted 2,563 interviews on in America.
This June marks the l0th anniversary of this -crime. This June will mark the
l0th year anniversary of the of Mr. Byrd.

Silver, a teacher and free-lance journalist, is one of the country\'s foremost oral
historians. In l981, she founded one of the first Holocaust oral history projects
in the country, the Bay Area Holocaust Oral History Project. She was also Steven
Spielberg\'s first consultant for his Holocaust oral history project, the USC Shoah
Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education, which conducted 53,000 oral

In l993, Ms. Silver co-discovered the story of Chiune Sugihara, "the Japanese
Schindler" who saved thousands of Jews when he served as the Consul General from
Japan to Lithuania during World War II. Sugihara issued thousands of visas to Jews
fleeing Poland, against the order of Japan. Sugihara was later fired for that
"incident in Lithuania."

Silver has won over twenty awards for her community service work. Silver was named
"Woman of the Year" by San Francisco\'s public television and radio station (2003).
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Please contact Lani Silver at 212-889-5301 in New York City. Silver can be reached or 4l5-485-4208.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Lani Silver, in New York April 9 to l5, 212-889-5301; messages
415-485-4208. E-mail:

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