Scarlet Blonde`s Free Music Glue Lets Everyone Get Fuse`d Together

Released on: April 23, 2008, 11:34 pm

Press Release Author: Richard Godbehere

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Scarlet BLONDE all but give away 4th release in a year
through MusicGlue.

Press Release Body: Sheffield, UK, April 24, 2008 -- Scarlet BLONDE, the critically
acclaimed and award winning artists from Sheffield, UK, have decided to make tracks
for their next release- the Fuse\'d EP- available for free download.Scarlet BLONDE's
free tracks will be available from their website home page (
and their myspace page ( via MusicGlue from April

Music lovers will be able to simply download the tracks, free of charge, then
preview them five times before having to pay a nominal $1 (50p) for the entire 5
track release! They will also be provided with a link to download a free copy of the
accompanying promotional video. Not only this, but the ground breaking act, now
based in London, are actively supporting the rights of their fans to spread the free
download and the free video across any and all P2P sites so that everybody can
access it. \"The world of music is changing\' said Ditch, one half of the group \"the
industry has to adapt or die, we choose to adapt!\"

The Fuse\'d EP, the fourth release in as many months from the Electro-Pop-Indie-Rock
duo, features fan favourite \'Fuse\'. A dark and powerful track with deeply personal
lyrics pervading a sense of pent up anger and frustration. The band will not say
exactly what this track is about as leading lady DawnyVic puts it \"interpretation is
for the listener\" but she is happy to confirm it showcases a \"deeply hurtful part of
my past\" which \"I think a lot of our fans identify with\".

The track also showcases DawnyVic\'s guitar virtuosity with a blistering solo,
tearing at the seams of the music and further expressing the sense of passion and
frustration at the tracks core.

In addition to the title track, the EP contains a fantastic remix by UK Bassline
supremo \'Nate Christian\', a powerful re-working of the track by the band themselves
\'I\'m Gonna Blow a [Fuse]\', and a live version recorded in session at Radio 2XS\' barn
studios \'Fuse [RAW]\', which is featured in the free to download video accompanying
the track. It also contains an exclusive B side, \'Giving the Game Away\'- another
dark and brooding tune, considered a lyrical sequel to \'Fuse\' by many.

For your free copy of any or all of the tracks and a link to the free video, simply
go to or from April 28th.
Alternatively, it will be available at full price on Download from all good music
stores, worldwide and on CD from Amazon and some of the coolest music stores on
Earth (see our website for more details)
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