SponsorAHorseorg Helping More Starved, Neglected, Abandoned and Abused Horses

Released on: April 27, 2008, 9:42 pm

Press Release Author: Nancy Allen

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: Have you ever wanted a horse, but things just never seemed to
work in your favor? How would you like to help a horse in need?

Press Release Body: Millbury, Ohio 28 April, 2008 - The mother and daughter team of
Nancy and Corri Swigart announces plans to help finance and unite America's horse
rescue facilities through their membership website, SponsoraHorse.org. Low monthly
membership dues will be offered to people who want to help the horses, but are
unsure of where to turn to help.

Their family owned Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Facility, The Healing Barn, is
one of Ohio's most well respected operations. Nancy and Corri are launching a new
website that will be able to help rescue more horses and provide some financial
support to other equine rescue facilities.

Nancy and Corri Swigart own "The Healing Barn" located about 10 miles south of
Toledo Ohio. Nancy says they have been doing horse rescue and rehabilitation at
their present location since 1996. They have used their own money to do everything
from confiscate, house, and rehabilitate horses for the Wood County Humane Society
as well as rehabilitate horses with spinal chord injuries, fractures, and severe

Last year over 100,000 horses from the United States were slaughtered and shipped
overseas for human consumption. New statistics say that 93% of the 100,000 horses
were considered healthy, but were still slaughtered.

Our present economy and last springs drought have doubled hay prices in many areas
of the United States. The increased prices of grains like corn have greatly
increased the cost of feed for the horses. In part, the new ethanol plants have
pushed corn prices from $1.40 per bushel last year to over $4.30 per bushel
currently. Many people simple cannot afford to feed their horses at these prices.
This increases the call to rescue facilities from people that want to simply drop
their horse off. With most rescue facilities already over capacity and even more
rescue facilities closing, too many owners are ending up taking their horses to
sales were they are sold for slaughter.

Their membership website, SponsoraHorse.org, will allow member's dues to be used to
help as many horses as possible. Nancy says, "Our goal is to not only help rescue
more horses locally, but be able to donate to other rescues, and build a network of
certified rescues that will be stronger than any individual rescuing facility."

Sponsor A Horse will also have a membership forum to build a community of like
minded animal lovers. We know strong communities within the forums will provide a
wealth of information for everyone. I am sure that the communities in our forums
will brain storm with each other to come up with even more ways to help horses in
need. Nancy encourages you to go to www.SponsoraHorse.org and sign up. We also
encourage Horse Rescue Facilities to join and sign up to be eligible for financial
help from SponsoraHorse.org.

Web Site: http://www.sponsorahorse.org/

Contact Details:
Media Contact:
Nancy Allen
27731 Bradner Rd
United States
Phone: 419-836-8367
E-mail: nancyallen06@gmail.com
URL: http://www.sponsorahorse.org/

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