A Luxury bathroom makes your dawn special!

Released on: May 25, 2008, 2:01 am

Press Release Author: James Chapman

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Unlike olden days, people prefer to have their bathrooms
built with a modern look with a little touch of luxury, innovative design which
could spice up your life.

Press Release Body: Bella Bathrooms Ltd,25 May 2008 ( Express-press-release ) - - In
this modern life, we like to have our house to be much modernized. In that means
bathroom plays a very essential role. A well modernized bathroom adds spice to your
living. It is the place where you look forward to start your days work. You could
renovate your bathroom with a few touches of luxury, with innovate design,
furniture, accessories which make your bathroom a beautiful one. Bellabathroom is a
one stop place for all your bathroom needs.

In today's bathroom design, bathroom furniture plays an imperative part as of it.
We all would the bathroom to be uncluttered, so it is necessary to use appropriate
furniture . Bellabathroom could help you
out on apt furniture for your bathrooms. You could store all your toiletries,
towels, inner wears and other bath requirement in your bathroom furniture.
Bellabathroom gives you a wide range of bathroom furniture, which you could decide
on depending on your bathroom space, desire.

Bathroom suite reflects the style of your bathroom. It enhance the looks of the
bathroom, it would give an energetic start and relaxing end towards the end of day.
We have wide range of varieties right from traditional Victorian style to the ultra
modern bath suites. These ranges also fit to every budget and style. In some style
we have cupboards under the wash basin. We also provide suites with contrast colours
too that really attracts you a lot.

We use showers to have a refreshing experience. Showers are of varies types and
designs of your choice. They include electric showers, power shower, digital shower,
mixer shower and many more. You can select it according to your liking or
comfortable. We don't store hot waters when we use a shower. Electric showers take
water directly from the main cold water supply. So it exactly fit in those areas
where there is less hot water supply. Digital showers come in ceiling mounted, wall
mounted and also with adjustable head. Power showers supply water with a greater
force using integral pimp. They take water form both hot and low pressure cold
water. They mix both of these and provide us a warm shower of desired temperature.
But power shower with high pressure water system should not be used because they may
cause danger.

Shower enclosures or shower doors really add beauty to your href=http://www.bellabathrooms.co.uk>beautiful bathroom. They come in different
colours with beautiful finishing matching your bathroom and bath tap colours. We
also sell shower trays to be used in bespoke shower installation. We have a wide
range of shower trays of varies colours that matches your shower enclosure. You can
select anything according to your bathroom style and model.

Bathroom accessories are the perfect
thing that completes the beautiful look of your bathroom. It is essential to have
these finest accessories to make your dream bathroom look more luxuries. If you wish
to make your existing bathroom more beautiful these accessories are exact tools for
it. They play an important role in giving the finishing touch that gives the real
beauty of your bathroom. They also include towel rails, bathroom fitters, bathroom
taps, bathroom mirrors etc.

Bathroom mirrors includes illuminated mirrors, round mirrors, mosaic mirrors etc.

Bella Bathrooms Ltd bellabathrooms.co.uk
The towel rails that we offer you is more useful than the standard traditional
ones. They provide us the facility of keeping a number of towels and bathrobes warm
at the same time. They consume very less space and leave a cluster free space. We
have a wide range of it starting from small chrome towel rails to ultra modern
stainless steal towel rails.We constantly stock a large range of shower pumps and
shower cubicles. For information please have a glance at

Bella Bathrooms Ltd
Unit M10 - M11 Yarm Road
Morton Park, County Durham DL1 4PJ
Telephone: 01325 353313

Web Site: http://www.bellabathrooms.co.uk

Contact Details: Bella Bathrooms Ltd
Unit M10 - M11 Yarm Road
Morton Park, County Durham DL1 4PJ
Telephone: 01325 353313

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