Chris Rutz and Michelangelo Lopez Team up with Cash Gifting

Released on: May 7, 2008, 12:09 am

Press Release Author: Chris Rutz

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Chris Rutz and Michelangelo Lopez talk about the explosive
cash gifting business that's sweeping the internet.

Press Release Body: Scottsdale, Arizona,May 7,2008--Top internet marketers,
Michelangelo Lopez and Chris Rutz team up in a new exciting business venture with
cash gifting. Michelangelo Lopez, founder of the University of Internet Science,
teaches internet newbie's how to effectively market themselves on the internet,
teaching them to become the expert. Chris Rutz, one of the top affiliate earners,
specializes on teaching team members how to drive massive traffic to there website
without going broke. Together, Michelangelo Lopez and Chris Rutz bring a powerful
team that is putting there members into profit mode in half the time.

When asked why cash gifting? Michelangelo Lopez responds, "Cash gifting is just like
any one up program except there's no inventory. In fact most people never even look
at the products they have with one up programs, let alone sell them. They just want
to make money off the business side of recruiting. That's what makes cash gifting so
great. There's no inventory and no product to explain, it just get to the heart of
what most people want, and is to make money literally overnight."

Chris Rutz was asked to explain his techniques for driving massive traffic and
responded to us with this, "Driving traffic to your website is the key to any
on-line success. If no one is looking at your site, then you're not making money.
One of many techniques both Michel and I use is a free posting site called
Criagslist. If you know anything about Craigslist, you would know it is rank amongst
the top most visited sites in the world. Imagine if you could post 1,000 ads a day
on Craigslist. That alone would change your business, but you can't just post 1,000
ads, there are techniques you must follow and I teach our team those exact

Michelangelo Lopez and Chris Rutz rate two thumbs up. Google there names and see why
they're fully qualified at what they do. To learn more about what Michelangelo and
Chris Rutz are visit
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Contact :
Chris Rutz
Scottsdale, Arizona
91 44 222 656

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Contact Details: Chris Rutz
Scottsdale, Arizona
91 44 222 656

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