Does Your Surveillance Camera Breach Employee`s Privacy Rights

Released on: May 7, 2008, 3:52 am

Press Release Author: Rose Li

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: There has been a revolution in the surveillance industry with
new manufacturers supplying the market with spy cameras and surveillance equipment
that has lower production costs and increased technological advances. But at what
point does the legal act of surveillance become a sinister breach of privacy or
illegal spying?

Press Release Body: There is no doubt that the surveillance industry has advanced
incredibly in the last five years. Electronics manufacturers are now making spy
gadgets and surveillance equipment that are much more technologically advanced and
are more available and affordable than they were in the 1990\'s.

The market has responded in kind with sales of spy surveillance cameras skyrocketing
in what are very uncertain times with employers especially showing increasing
interest in keeping an eye on workers.

According to the American Management Association, more than 50% of the 523 managers
it interviewed in a survey carried out some form of surveillance on their staff.

But at what point does acceptable surveillance become unacceptable spying and does
the use of spy surveillance cameras or hidden spy cameras represent a breach of

It\'s likely to be a question more workers ask themselves as more employers use
surveillance more in the workplace.

According to Chinavasion\'s PR Manager Rose Li interest in outdoor surveillance
cameras is still strong but interest in items like hidden spy cameras, wireless spy
cameras and spy cameras with hidden earphones has soared.

\"Sales for hidden spy cameras have definitely soared,\" said Rose Li.

\"It\'s not just that technology has given consumers the ability to hide cameras that
can record sound customers are actually demanding these products, often to spy on
their nannies and other child care specialists.\"

However, depending on where they are, people using these cameras may already be
breaking the law.

Laws in the US forbid employers from putting recording devices where people change
or recording information about people without telling them.

In the UK laws forbid employers from recording an employee with a surveillance
camera, or any other kind of surveillance equipment without getting their written
consent first.

Most countries disallow audio recordings of employees taken without their knowledge
to be used in a court of law.

According to Chinavasion\'s Rose Li when buying spy cameras and spy gadgets the onus
is on shoppers to know what the rules are in their country, regardless of any
ethical issues.

\"Online vendors can\'t be expected to know which countries will allow a jammer or
wireless spy camera and which countries will allow it.\" is the leading online drop ship wholesaler for Spy Surveillance
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