FREE Teleseminar The Secrets to Successful Networking and Creating an Endless Stream of Referrals

Released on: May 15, 2008, 8:02 am

Press Release Author: Skyline Coaching

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Discover how to turn complete strangers into lifetime
referral partners that will generate multiple streams of income. An exclusive
interview with network marketing expert, Hal Coleman.

Press Release Body: Skyline Coaching is offering you the opportunity to listen to an
exclusive interview with networking expert Hal Coleman of Briar Patch Marketing.

Nickolove Lovemore of Skyline Coaching will be probing the man known as \"The
Networking Ninja\" to share his secrets for successful networking and, in particular,
\'relationship networking\'.

If you\'re looking for a low-cost and yet highly effective solution for recruiting
new clients, generating new business and putting more cash in the bank then
relationship networking is the answer. The problem is that most people do not know
how to network effectively. So they attend events, meetings, seminars and the like
- fertile ground for new clients - but generally walk away with a bunch of business
cards that they never do anything with.

One person that this does not hold true for is Hal Coleman. He has amassed over 20
years of networking experience and distilled it into a powerful leads generation
system that he now teaches to others.

Coleman owns a pest control company in Atlanta, Georgia - North Fulton
Exterminating. And, while we want to rid our homes and offices from pests, pest
control does not generally make for riveting conversation.

Yet, Coleman has built his company from a \"one-man-with-a-spray can\" operation into
a successful million dollar business. He attributes networking in local groups such
as BNI, Leads Inc., Chamber of Commerce, and many other local independent networking
groups for his success.

So his methods obviously work. What\'s more, while his methods can be applied to any
type and any size of business his methods are especially effective for small
businesses working on a tight budget.

\"Brand Marketing is for companies who have a huge amount of money to spend and a lot
of time to sit back and wait for it to work. Small business owners don\'t have that
kind of time or money. They need to be able to spend a dollar today, and get back 2
dollars tomorrow. That\'s what direct response marketing does. I teach people how to
incorporate this type of marketing into their networking efforts.\"
Hal Coleman

At a time when businesses are feeling the pinch of a slowing economy, creative,
low-cost marketing solutions have perhaps never been more important. And the
networking marketing strategies that Coleman teaches are what he has used and
continues to use to generate referrals and grow his business.

\"If I say it works, it\'s because I am doing it myself and you can do it too. If you
are sick and tired of paying big bucks for advertising that either falls far short
of your expectations or doesn\'t work at all, and you are ready to take charge of
your own marketing and unsure the growth and prosperity of your business that you
deserve, you need to give me a call and let\'s talk. I think you\'ll like what I have
to say.\"

The next best thing to having a one-to-one conversation with Coleman is to listen in
as he shares the secrets to his success via a teleseminar.

So, for more details about the upcoming free teleseminar with Hal Coleman and to
register for this event simply visit

This will also give you access to a recording of this interview if you can\'t make
the live event. Once, you\'ve registered for the interview you can also submit
questions for Hal Coleman to answer during the interview. So reserve your front-row
seat now at:

Web Site:

Contact Details: P.O. Box 23266
London, SE14 5BD
United Kingdom


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