First time in global history lonely Indian Parents attempts to defeat death

Released on: May 25, 2008, 10:27 pm

Press Release Author: Samarpan Basu Memorial Trust

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: First time in world history, a lonely Indian Parents attempts
to defeat death by supporting and serving bereaved children, parents and their
families struggling with losses of their near and dear ones.

Press Release Body: Opening a new door to its service, Samarpan Basu Memorial Trust,
the self-help non-profit organization today introduced a new platform to their aid
program for supporting and serving bereaved parents and their families whose
children have died no matter what the age, cause or circumstance of the death(s) by
providing understanding, friendship and most of all hope.

"Our purpose is to offer understanding, suggestions for coping, support, friendship,
and most of all hope to all children as well as parents who are struggling with
grief. Parents whose child has died as a result of miscarriage or stillbirth are
equally invited as those whose children have died as a result of an illness, an
accident, a suicide, a drug overdose or violence." - Says Mr. Alak and Reena Basu,
spokesmen of the Samarpan Basu Memorial Trust. Samarpan, their 17 years boy died
last year. As a result, the parents already know the pain which the death of one\'s
child brings and they have finally found a way to cope with their sorrow by
establishing a shared platform to all children, their fathers and mothers.

For the first time, parents as well as children of any age have been welcomed by any
Indian parents to participate in blog and forum to share memories, physical or
psychological setback, grief and death; first time in world history an Indian parent
is giving an opportunity to support and console to each other in a virtual but
conscious platform. features books, films and much free stuff as an illustrated effort to
generate healthy relationship among the parents and children; these free stuffs also
include various informative ebooks on poetry, essay, literature, quiz, psyche test
for children and parents intended to nourish their intellect and education.

For just $5 one can avail featured listing to showcase her/his ebook(s) on relevant
subjects to the maximum number of visitors.

As Mr. Basu says, \"Our intention is to provide children and parents with the most
useful advices to help them generate healthy relationship among the
awareness for this support programs continue to flourish, we want to give power to
our visitors to utilize this valuable advices in the best possible way.\" is one of several recent augmentations to the Samarpan Basu Memorial
Trust services. A month back, the trust has launched its volunteer activities to
provide support to parents and children suffering from stress, mental/psychological
disorder and loss of near ones. As a part of their journey the trust facilitates
parents, children and authors, through, all across the globe to get
their work published on relevant subjects at a price which is believed to be the
lowest ever. also offers counseling services, distribution of awards, free medical
check up, donation of educational books in libraries etc. Financial support for
Samarpan Basu Memorial Trust is derived primarily from contributions from trust
volunteers, individuals outside of the trust, grants and special fund-raising
events. Since the name Samarpan means total submission, the website invites all of
those who would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one; making the
services of their Memorial Trust, in the truest and purest way, the "people's trust
to defeat death".


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Contact Details: Samarpan Basu Memorial Trust
101 Lake Terrace
Kolkata-700029, India
Call: +919330545676

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