Free Lead Generation System, LeadsLeap, Delivers More Than 500,000 Leads To Its Members After Less Than 4 Months In Operation

Released on: May 20, 2008, 7:39 am

Press Release Author: Kenneth Koh

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Leadsleap, a new lead generation system started in mid
January 2008, has delivered more than 500,000 leads to its members. It is a free
lead generation system that allows members to build leads and post PPC ads for free.

Press Release Body: Leadsleap ( )
is a new form of lead generation system that allows members to build a network of
leads and post PPC ads for free. Started on 17 January 2008, the website has
delivered more than half a million leads to its members, setting a record in the

Conventional lead generation system works by allowing members in the system to post
emails directly to other members or to limited levels of members in their own
network. The end result is that the members in such a system would be flooded with
emails from other members.

\"There is a fundamental flaw in conventional lead generation system because it does
not add value to the members.\" says Kenneth Koh, Managing Director of
\"Eventually, the people in such a system would either delete all the emails they
received or they would abandon the system.\"

Unlike conventional system, Leadsleap members
do not receive emails from any other member in the system. What its members receive
are info-packed newsletters on the latest online marketing strategies and guides.
The twist in the system is that the newsletters are integrated with non-obtrusive
text ads from other members in the network. This advertising method is non-obtrusive
since members will click on the text advertisements in their newsletters only when
they are interested in the advertisements.

\"My inbox is not hit with a tidalwave of e-mails from everybody. This absolutely
increases the wanting to read the e-mail when it comes and visiting the other
advertisers ads is a pleasure, not a chore.\" says Dr. Marco Caravaggio, a member of

Besides building their own leads and posting ads in the newsletters, Leadsleap
members can also post their ads in Leadsleap href=>internet marketing blog for free. The blog
receives thousands of traffic from both its members and visitors from all over the
net, giving more exposure to the members\' ads.

Leadsleap lead generation system primarily targets at people who are interested in
internet marketing. It is open to international members. However, if you wish to
participate in its affiliate program, a Paypal account would be necessary.

To attract more members, Leadsleap is now giving 100 bonus advertising credits to
all new signups. For more information, you can visit href=>


Contact Name: Kenneth Koh
Address- 48 Toh Guan Road East,
#09-145, Singapore 608586
Phone number - 65-65156428
Fax - 65-65156423
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Company Name: Easttech Pte Ltd
Company Site:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Company Name: Easttech Pte Ltd
Address- 48 Toh Guan Road East,
#09-145, Singapore 608586
Phone number - 65-65156428
Fax - 65-65156423
Email -

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