MagneticOne Announces Follow-Up Autoresponder To Increase Repeat Sales

Released on: May 21, 2008, 9:45 am

Press Release Author: Alla Gaydar / MagneticOne

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: MagneticOne today announced major release of Follow-up
Autoresponder Module version 1.4.0, software to improve customer loyalty and
increase repeat sales (communication between customers and online merchants).

Press Release Body:

MagneticOne today announced major release of Follow-up
Autoresponder Module version 1.4.0, software to improve customer loyalty and
increase repeat sales (communication between customers and online merchants). This
innovative software helps e-business of all sizes to follow up with prospect
automatically, get better feedback and increase repeat sales.

Follow-up Autoresponder is an effective marketing tool to follow-up prospective
customers through e-mails at different time predetermined intervals. These e-mails
may be very simple or quite complex. It happens that online merchants get hundreds
or even thousands of e-mails everyday. Although sending out a personal message to
each of the customers may not be possible, while an autoresponder can provide them
with the feeling that the message was sent personally.

Among the features of Follow-up Autoresponder is the ability to send an unlimited
number of customized follow-up messages. These follow-up messages can be
automatically send at predetermined intervals, offering related products based on
multiple predefined algorithms. These offers are based on previous order details, to
suggest products that customers are interested in, except purchased ones. This makes
every offer personalized.

To provide excellent service it is important to follow-up all customers and
registered visitors as well. It is an essential part of developing a good
relationship with prospective customers but not the only one. Also Follow-up
Autoresponder will help online merchants to introduce new products easily.
Recommendations based on previous orders are offered to the customer. So, this
software will help you to suggest new products to buy along with the ordered (i.e.
cross-sell products).

Another benefit of this module is that it enables online merchant to trace
customer’s actions in the store. It gives the possibility to see how many
visitors have clicked on a certain products, what number of orders were received as
the result, etc. Autoresponder by MagneticOne provides better interaction between
the customer and the seller by sending newsletters and price lists, offer customers
discounts, “killer deals” or related products. After purchasing and
using this software online merchants should expect increased loyalty from their
customers. Following versions available - for osCommerce\"
Autoresponder for osCommerce
, Loaded\"
Autoresponder for CRE Loaded
, X-Cart\"
Autoresponder for X-Cart
, a version for Zen Cart also exist.

Follow-up Autoresponder Module has the following features:

- It may up-sell a customer. Instantly suggest related product, "killer
deal" or discount to the customer while shopping

- This module also provides after-sales service. It gives the opportunity to
contact the customer after sales to make sure he/she is satisfied with the

- Autoresponder can send customer enquiries/surveys/polls. This way more detailed
customer feedback is requested when clients really use the product they have

- This service can stimulate repeat sales. Once the customer had a splendid
experience while using online store, the merchant can expect increased customer

- Module provides recommendations based on information from previous customer
orders - what was ordered, product names, prices, products quantity, etc.

Follow-up Autoresponder Module is new completely automatic e-mail follow up
system which gets online store marketing to the next level. MagneticOne has
developed this software to simplify the process of e-mails responding, to improve
interaction with potential customers and maximize customer response rate.

MagneticOne is an innovative
software development company, concentrated on all aspects of e-commerce. The main
office is located in Ternopil, Ukraine. MagneticOne was founded by Ruslan
Savchyshyn, an independent software engineer. This company creates modules for
different shopping carts (osCommerce, CRE Loaded, X-Cart, Zen-Cart) to make
marketing process more efficient and less time consuming. For more information,

Web Site:

Contact Details: E-mail: press ( @ ) magneticone dot com
Company web-site:

Postal address: MagneticOne, Ternopil, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (0352) 523831

May 21, 2008
Contact: Savchyshyn Ruslan
Title: Chief Executive
Company: MagneticOne
E-mail: press ( @ ) magneticone dot com
Tel: +38 (0352) 523831

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