New book expounds communication with God in daily life

Released on: May 21, 2008, 4:18 am

Press Release Author: Possible Dreams

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: New novel length parable, A Little Light Under the Sun, by
Matt Stein, demonstrates the ease of communicating with God on a daily basis.

Press Release Body: A Little Light Under the Sun, by Matt Stein, is the powerful
story of an ordinary person who stumbles across an extraordinary friend. It's a
testimony to how God willingly communicates with all of us, all the time, if we just
decide to listen.

Matt Stein lays out a seemingly simple parable that is deceptively layered with
God's wisdom. Expounding its ideas in a gentle allegorical fashion, the story
remains accessible for readers of all spiritual mindsets and religions.

Encouraging readers to give up searching the world around them for the truth about
God, A Little Light Under the Sun instead advocates that the spiritually curious
seek communication and knowledge directly from God. "Having God communicate
directly with you is an experience like no other," says the author. "My task was to
paint a picture of what this approach might look, taste, sound, smell and feel like
for anyone interested in trying. God is accessible and ready to communicate - in
fact, usually He's already been communicating and it's just a matter of learning how
to spot these treasures in your daily life."

Amusing and easy to read, this 335 page parable, will both entertain its reader as
well as aid him along his own spiritual journey. Simultaneously observer and
participant, each reader becomes intricately woven into the narrator's burgeoning
relationship with God, resulting not only in a good read, but grafting and involving
him in actual communication with God and pronouncing a blessing that will extend
outward from the pages into the reader's actual life.

"All are welcome to discern a little light under the sun!" is Matt Stein's simple

Buyers are advised to buckle up and enjoy this spiritual edification ride. Never
before has being blessed been so easy. Some may not even notice it happening but,
as the author gleefully states, "Time flies when you\'re having fun...and if you have
enough fun it flies away completely and is gone! Some will understand this; others
will not."

From back cover:

As you and I know, there are many kinds of darkness. Sometimes darkness comes
quickly, descending on us like a great cloud, and threatening to swallow us up. Just
as often though darkness sneaks up so slowly that we don't even notice its arrival,
not so much a thing of its own, but more a gradual fading of the light, a lantern's
wick slowly burning down and dimming with no new source of oil. Take heart! No
matter how dark our room has become there is always a source of illumination
available. It's here, right now, even if it's just one tiny flickering point of
light, almost indistinguishable at the other end of the universe. However dim or
distant it may appear, a way out is provided. This book is about that way out. It's
about finally deciding to investigate the pinpoint of light, about looking through
that one shimmering portal into another world. It's for those of us who have become
curious about what waits outside, right around the corner, behind the curtain, just
over the hill, eager to greet us should we take the time to look. Gather round, have
a peek, all are invited to discern a little light under the sun.

Author Bio:

Matt Stein was born in Western Massachusetts, grew up in a tiny country town of less
than three hundred people, and spent the first twelve years of his life exploring
the natural world around him with the only other child within five miles, his older
brother. After absorbing the beautiful forests, dirt roads, streams and mountains,
he was moved to a larger city where he attended a series of good schools. He adored
math and science, earned a degree in Philosophy from the University of
Massachusetts, and was a staunch atheist until the thirty-first year of his life. He
now resides in Austin Texas with his wife and two sons where he atones for his
atheism by examining his world, thoughts, and memories with the goal of capturing in
writing, even a fragment of the wonderful internal experiences God has mercifully
granted him.

Samples of Matt Stein's writing and the novel, A Little Light Under the Sun, may be
viewed and purchased at the author's eBay store,

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Contact Details: FavorTwoU Publishing Company
1025 Cone Road
Forest Park, GA 30297
404.227.0316 or 404.428.1179
Media Contact info:
Title: A Little Light Under the Sun
ISBN: 978-0-9799006-0-0
Author: Matt Stein
Fiction, 335 pages

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