New iPod Nano Headphones and Earphones for iPod Lovers Launched at Easyipodshopcom

Released on: May 11, 2008, 8:26 pm

Press Release Author: ipodhacker

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: China Electronics Retailer EasyiPodshop Company Ltd launches
new iPod Nano headphones and earphones for all iPod lovers.

Press Release Body: May 12th,2008-HongKong: - An Online iPod and
iPhone accessories Retailer, has announced its latest iPod Nano 3G headphones and
earphones for world.

As iPod Nano 3G releases on September 6th , 2007 with the new model's slightly
changed body size and shape, It attracted most eyes on it. So, the iPod Nano 3G is
here! And of course the natural next step to any new technology is the ipod

The iPod nano's audio quality is comparable to that of the previous model, which is
to say very good for a portable device but, as with all iPod models, limited by
Apple's earbuds. With better iPod headphones, the higher the quality of audio files
you feed the nano, the better it sounds. With Stylish design 3.5mm standard audio
jack, Easyipodshop\'s high grade headphones and earphones enhance your music
listen. Perfectly suitable for all iPod or any other which is 3.5mm plug device. The
headphones have a special sound insulating rubber to prevent outside noise from
being leaked in. It allows the entire world to listen to their favourite music
whilst on the go . So whether you are walking down the street or flying across the
world you need a good set of ipod headphones to take everywhere with you. For more
details, please visit:

If you want to play the nano's dock-connector audio output through the reference
stereo system to make it again sounded excellent, their iPod docks can help you
revealing the differences between higher- and lower-quality audio files. All of
this can be done by the nano automatically syncs your media with iTunes via a USB
2.0 connection. For more details, please visit:

And it also promotes it\'s new special thin headphone jack adapters designed for
iPhone. As soft and flexible as your regular headphone cords, small - measuring 3
1/4 inches and built to work with microphones too. Now you can use your favorite
after-market headphones or headset with your iPhone or anything that have a 3.5mm
tip (such as FM transmitters and portable speakers that have a 3.5mm tip) output
cable. And it only costs $0.99! For more details, please visit:

\"These iPod Nano and iPhone accessories for all iPod and iPhone lovers, happy
shopping!\" Edith Chan ,Sales Manager of EasyiPodshop Company Ltd said.

EasyiPodshop Company Ltd will continue to add their new products for the world, let
us keep an eye on it.

EeayiPodshop offers a wide-selection of consumer electronics of iPod and iPhone.
Retails products including all style iPhone Cases, Screen Protectors, Chargers,
Adapters, Bluetooth, Headset and other Apple iPhone accessories, iPod Cases for 1G,
2G, 3G, Chargers&Adapters, FM Transmitters, Docks, Screen Protectors, Remotes and
other iPod and iPhone electronic gadgets, at discount prices and in small
quantities, directly from factoriesis China.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: Unit B, 2/F, High Fashion Centre,1 - 11 Kwai Hei
Street,Kwai Chung,Hong Kong
Contact: Leslie.Chan
Phone: +1 888-3173374

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