Phoenixrising-online WebSite for Men Suffering Through Divorce, Bankruptcy or Loss of Job

Released on: May 21, 2008, 4:39 pm

Press Release Author: Cory Johnson

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Phoenixrising-online is geared specifically for men searching
for direction, knowledge and acceptance after suftering through life altering event
such as divorce and bankruptcy.

Press Release Body: Phoenix, Arizona -- May 20, 2008 --
www.phoenixrising-online.comThere are many resources for women in todays world of
Oprah and Dr. Phil to help overcome the many high pressure, social and economic
issues of the world today. But what does a man do, when faced with divorce, loss of
job, bankruptcy, health issue, mid-life crisis or all the above? Phoenixrising will
not only help and inspire men to take that first step in starting over, but also
teach and guide them to enjoy the ride. Starting over does not have to be a scary
proposition, but one that inspires and draws out the positive.
Mens health issues, particularly depression, its many forms and how to recognize and
treat it, will be addressed on a regular basis. Phoenixrising is going to lift the
stigma associated with depression, making it okay for men to admit and not feel
embarrassed or less of a man for getting help. Many men suffer at least one major
depressive episode in life-one they just can\'t "snap out of". With all the
treatments and advances in medicine available today, it shouldn\'t be one that puts a
strangle hold on your daily experience.
Recovering from divorce or bankruptcy should not be an issue that should effect mens
health. Sure, these are traumatic events but with the proper education and support
the effect should be one that makes you stronger in the long

Web Site:

Contact Details: Phoenixrising-online LLC
41910 N Congressional Dr
Anthem, Az 85086

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