Random Job Hunting Doesn`t Work and ITS Gives 15 Surefire Rules For Professional and Executive Job Hunters

Released on: May 13, 2008, 8:15 pm

Press Release Author: Tom Mortenson

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: \"ITS is best known for providing all the openings, leads and
contacts a job seeker will need,\"

Press Release Body: DENVER, CO - May 5 -- \"The 1st rule is to compete in all 8
segments of today's job market,\" advises Bob Gerberg of ITS, at the firm's Denver
headquarters. \"ITS is best known for providing all the openings, leads and contacts
a job seeker will need,\" he added, \"but in our advanced strategies section we
instruct job seekers in all 15 Rules for Success. Here is a summary of some of the
key points:

. Use all segments. \"For best results, Gerberg contends, \"use all five segments of
the published market. and all three segments of the unpublished market.

. Pinpoint goals. With 30 million resumes in circulation, you need to pinpoint your
job goals and use a multiple-resume concept.

. Broaden your appeal. You can dramatically expand your appeal to employers with a
communication strategy that see transferable skills.

. Uncover emerging jobs. You can uncover emerging jobs and make contact with
employers before there is any competition. ITS makes this easy and fast with
"Emerging Jobs Super Search.\"

. Create a job. Many people have had jobs created for them. There are proven
techniques for doing this.

. Convert interviews to offers. There are 5 proven rules for interviewing that can
give you a competitive edge.

ITS offers Personal Marketing Services that goes far beyond Outplacement Career
counseling. ITS uses its own unique technology to give job seekers access to as much
as 85% of the advertised openings, including those from newspapers, recruiter
openings, job boards, employer sites, and trade magazines. It also provides access
to the unadvertised job market among employers, recruiters and growth companies.

For additional information: pr@changingcareers.com or contact Tom Mortenson at

Web Site: http://www.changingcareers.com

Contact Details: Media Contact:
Tom Mortenson

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