Successful infomercial launch for the X-Deck by SafeTec

Released on: May 27, 2008, 3:33 pm

Press Release Author: SafeTec

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: SafeTec the makers of The X-Deck work platform successfully
launched their nationwide infomercial on Memorial Day. The X-Deck has had phenomenal
growth since its debut in 2002. Chris Seaman Jr, VP Sales SafeTec, said "We are very
excited about the huge response we have had from The XDeck infomercial. I feel the
public is really appreciating the value of our product."

Press Release Body: Bardstown, Kentucky, May 28, 2008 - SafeTec the makers of The
X-Deck work platform successfully launched their national infomercial on Memorial
Day. The XDeck is an award winning safety work platform that has won multiple awards
for its unique design. The XDeck has become a favorite among Safety Directors in
many industries. It not only improves performance but helps reduce injuries. With
the new consumer models SafeTec hopes to reduce home injuries and give a safer work
environment for all.

The XDeck is safer than a ladder and easier to use than scaffolding. The XDeck is
portable, lightweight, has an anti-tip design, and sets up in seconds. The XDeck
complies with OSHA, ANSA, and CSA International Standards. This small lightweight
work platform is certified for 1,200 lbs (SWL of 300 lbs)

SafeTec has been actively marketing its Pro-Line series of the XDeck for several
years and announced its intentions of launching a nationwide infomercial 6 months
ago for its new lighter models. We developed this new line to allow the consumer or
homeowner to get the benefits we have been offering to industry for years. These new
models are aimed at the consumer and are small and lightweight enough for almost
anyone to use. The X-Deck easily stores in a closet and is easy to transport.

SafeTec launched the infomercial on Memorial Day and has already seen results from
its launch. When asked, Chris Seaman Jr, VP Sales SafeTec, said "We are very excited
about the huge response we have had from the XDeck infomercial. We are already
seeing the response in phone calls, internet queries, and orders."

These units come with several options. Handrails are unheard of with step-ladders
but are offered on all the X-Decks. Consumers can also buy two types of work trays,
hanging hooks and carrying straps. Two X-Decks can be connected by a SafeTec plank
to give the user up to 16 continuous feet of work surface. This replaces small
scaffolding and ladders with walk boards.

The infomercial is actively being run on cable channels nationwide including but not
limited to the Discovery Channel, the Man Channel, the VS Channel, the Travel
Channel, and several others. The infomercial has some afternoon slots as well as the
standard late night spots that many infomercials currently are shown. The XDeck
infomercial has been a huge hit from all its viewers even from its initial market
research development stage.

Featured on the infomercial are the two XDeck models available for sale on the
infomercial and online at, These models are the 3 Step and
the 4 Step X-Deck's. Hosting the infomercial is Buzz Leer who has been seen on
numerous home improvement shows including Home and Garden TV (HGTV). In the
Infomercial, Chris Seaman Sr., the founder and President of SafeTec, explains the
development and growth of this product line. He addresses the quality in
workmanship and material that produces the strength in the platforms. Chris Sr. also
lists the numerous Fortune 500 companies that are using this new innovative product.

SafeTec's Pro Line website is this is where information
on the Pro Line Series of the X-Deck can be found. Pro Line models vary in height
and dimension. Safe Tec has also built custom work platforms for many companies
including: Harley-Davidson, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST),
Lockheed-Martin and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a
sample, copy or demo), contact Dianna Jackson or visit SafeTech

Bardstown, KY
Manufacturers of safety work platforms.
Lightweight portable XDecks.
Dianna Jackson or Chris Seaman
Safe Tec

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Bardstown, KY 40004

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