The End of Resume Search - Next Level Results with Simple and Effective Mapping at GoRecroot

Released on: May 10, 2008, 2:38 am

Press Release Author: GoRecroot

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: Resume searches are predominantly based on keyword search on
flat files. This approach is transactional and consumes recruiter time and effort.
GoRecroot has an intelligent job order to resume mapping method. This mapping method
gets recruiters to effective results in quick time. This is particularly relevant
now because recruiters are looking to achieve greater quality by hunting for passive
candidates. Effective mapping is fundamental to starting a meaningful dialog with a
passive candidate.

Press Release Body: We have come to the end. This is the end of resume searching,
with all its inefficiencies.

Jennifer, Chan, and Ram are talent-sourcing specialists. They spend a good portion
of their workday searching, mapping, and sourcing talent. They receive job orders
from their hiring managers and corporate clients. They then extract keywords from
the job orders and search for resumes. They then filter the search, sample results,
tweak, and drilldown and finally arrive at a short list. There are more steps to
take before interviews can be scheduled.

This process can be a grueling routine, but it is the bread and butter for most
recruiters. GoRecroot offers improved sourcing and mapping powered by Intellifit for
Jennifer, Chan, and Ram. It is simple; it saves a lot of time. Here is how it works
like 1, 2, 3.

Welcome to GoRecroot and its efficient talent sourcing and mapping methods for
progressive recruiters. At GoRecroot your process gets simple and effective. (1)
Join - it is free, quick and easy -all you need is your email ID (2) Create a job
order (3) GoRecroot maps your job orders to resumes. That's it - you now have
resumes mapped to your job orders. You also have the option to fine-tune search
results as needed.

There is an even easier method - right from the home page click Easy JO (job order).
Easy JO on to mapping - you should be done in less than 2 minutes. Can it get easier
than that?

The underlying approach is to be flexible, smart, easy to use, and quick to yield
results. Your job order is a magnet - dipped into a large talent pool. GoRecroot is
powered by Intellifit a proprietary mapping algorithm. Intellifit ensures right
talent is mapped to your job order. How is this relevant today? More and more
recruiters are pursuing passive candidates to deliver better quality. Efficient
mapping is fundamental to initiating a meaningful dialog with passive candidates.
GoRecroot brings together a powerful set of features that are listed by recruitment
gurus as best practices for the new age of effective online recruiting. GoRecroot
has time and cost savings built-in, for every progressive recruiter to become a big

The benefit for recruiters can be quantified as 40 - 60% timesavings at the resume
sourcing (search, map, fit - Intellifit) level. There are features for a recruiter
to connect with target candidates. For example, extract contact information in a
spreadsheet and avoid the need to scramble through the resumes folder to get contact
information. You can use this to make your email, phone or SMS connects.

GoRecroot has recruitment ads & employer branding solutions - these are built ground
up keeping talent sourcing in mind. Ads & branding solutions are multi media and
distribution enabled. This means you can record and upload audio and video files to
your recruiter advertisements at GoRecroot. In addition there are web 2.0-based ad
distribution tools. You can extract your job order or your recruiter advertisement
as a widget and post it simultaneously to Facebook or your own blog and more. This
adds muscle to your outreach smarts and improves overall reach out.

Another pain area that has been effectively addressed is recruiter collaboration or
\"splits\" as it is known in the staffing solutions world. Through GoRecroot
recruiters can share a job order with another recruiter. A recruiter with a job
order in hand can share the job order with another recruiter who could potentially
bring in quality talent.

GoRecroot brings the best of global job positions for job seekers. Currently there
are geo targeted job streams for US, Europe and Asia. More regions are being added.

How to join GoRecroot
You can join by visiting
Remember to get your free whitepaper titled "Progressive recruiting - new tools and

About GoRecroot
For recruiters, GoRecroot focuses delivering functionality value primarily through
(1) recruitment ads (2) employment branding solutions (3) jobs to talent mapping (4)
recruitment community value additions. Multimedia (audio, photo, video) enabled,
multi modal (browser access, mobile access and downloadable thin client), multi geo
(covers 100+ main geographies around the world), multi domain (over 40 business
sectors and over 5000 sub sectors). GoRecroot payment processing is secured and
powered by Google and PayPal. Subscription pricing for GoRecroot is linked closely
to functional value delivered.

About the GoRecroot Team
The creators of GoRecroot have been in talent sourcing and mapping since the 90s and
have worked closely with recruiters and job seekers around the world. The
intelligence behind GoRecroot is derived from hands on experience fulfilling scores
of different job positions. The creators have their ears to the ground and have been
listening closely to recruiter pains and tribulations. GoRecroot intends to continue
its close-knit association with recruiters and thrives to play an active role in
getting more progressive recruiters to the big biller club

Web Site:

Contact Details: Gracer Motha
1 650 265 2090
301/PMB, 271 Newbury Street, Danvers, MA 01923-1027 USA

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