Update solution of Moyea Web Player Pro V12 is provided to users with perfect functional `user define area` and improved operation interface

Released on: May 25, 2008, 7:23 pm

Press Release Author: Moyea Software

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: With this update version, users of this newly Moyea Web
Player Pro can freely take the advantages of its function of "user define area" to
meet many different goals. Besides, this update version optimized its operation
interface greatly in some aspects.

Press Release Body: To continually provide the best and most customizable web player
maker for the users, this brand new version has mainly enhanced its performance in
two aspects: perfect the functions of "User define area"; improve the operation of
the program interface.
Referring to perfect the functions of "User define area", this new version mainly
enhanced its performances in the following points:
1. Actionscript3 SWF file is added to be supported in user define area.
2. SWF file both from local machine and in the URL are supported to load in the user
define area.
3. Fixed the bug that the player is unable to play the flash video which is linked
by the URL under the "out file" publish form.
4. Fixed the bug that flash video did not locate in the centre when the value of
user define area is "none".
So then with this greatly enhanced newly version, users can freely use this function
to meet many different demands, but not just generate a flash video web player.
Firstly, in this point, this new version of Moyea Web Player Pro broke through the
limitations of flash SWF file type added to the "user define area" and the source
(local machine and from the URL) of the flash SWF file for adding to the user define
area. Besides, some small bugs fixing also allows the "user define area" function
bringing into play greatly.

Meanwhile, besides perfect the performances of "user define area" function, this new
version also made great efforts on operation interface part. With these efforts,
users can extremely smoothly customize a flash video player for the web without any
1. Solved the problem that the float preview window is unable to auto close when
switch to other window page.
2. Solved the problem that flash video stops play when the program exit and choose

What can do with the "User define area" from Moyea Web Player Pro?
Just as its name implies, "User define area" is an area defined by users themselves.
It is an area reserved on the generated flash video web player that can add files in
flash SWF format. With this reserved area, users can achieve some important and
useful goals.
This "User define area" can be used to display embed and URL of the current flash,
so that users can better promote their own current flash video.
Besides, the "User define area" has a very powerful advertisement function. With
this reserved area, users can add any types of flash SWF file to play together with
the flash videos, thus you can easily and freely add advertisements in flash SWF
formats to this area to publicize company, company culture, company products, or
anything you like.
In all, this area is a place reserved for users to add a flash SWF file. Any goals
that you can bethink of to use can be made use of it; the left thing for you is just
to depend on your brainstorm.

Web Site: http://www.flash-video-mx.com/web-player-pro/

Contact Details: Address: 1202 Shanghai Automobile Building,, Shenzhen
China (People\'s Rep)

Phone Number: +86-755-26738790
Email: product@moyea.com

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