Direct Selling Academy Now Offers a Certification Course for Direct Sellers, Network Marketers, and Multi-Level Marketers


Released on: June 18, 2008, 5:35 am

Press Release Author: Direct Selling Academy, Inc.

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Direct Sellers (aka network marketers and multi-level marketers) are not required to have any special kind of license to operate their direct selling business. These same people struggle to succeed because of underdeveloped skills and a lack of credibility that is necessary for success in the Direct Selling Industry. Direct Selling Academy, Inc., a industry school, has recently begun to offer a comprehensive certification program, which not only enhances competency but also adds an extra level of credibility to the marketer who gets certified.

Press Release Body: North Canton, Ohio – Success in any direct selling business (aka network marketing and multi-level marketing) is often difficult for most people to achieve. While the reasons for such struggles and failure vary, common reasons are often due to underdeveloped skills, lack of understanding about the industry, as well as no established personal credibility with their new business.

The Direct Selling Industry (aka network marketing, MLM, etc.) does not require any kind of licensing to operate as an independent contractor of a direct selling company. Certification is not mandatory, nor is it required for success in the industry. However, throughout the industry, leaders and organizations are continually striving to support self-regulation and compliance to high ethical standards within their organization.

A major challenge for any leader or organization is the fact that there is not licensing requirements and so many people in their organization are running around misinformed or non-informed about how to truly achieve success in this industry. This struggle makes it difficult to maintain a high professional standard in all that they do.

Just as a Doctor needs to go to Medical School, or a Lawyer needs to go to Law School, Direct Sellers need to go to Direct Selling Business School to develop the critical skills that are necessary to succeed in a direct selling business. This education must include a focus on the universal fundamentals and be both practical and proven to accelerate success.

"Underdeveloped skills in sales and marketing often are at the core of the problems most marketers face in this industry," says Jeff Zalewski, President/CEO of Direct Selling Academy, Inc. He then adds, "Having success in a direct selling business begins with an education in the universal fundamentals, which can help one accelerate their success in any business. And such education should be coupled with certification to enhance competency and credibility for the marketer."

The Direct Selling Academy, Inc., a training and performance improvement resource and school for the Direct Selling Industry, recently announce they are now offering direct sellers a comprehensive certification program. This new certification program offers three levels of accreditation through their certification courses. The first level of accreditation begins with a comprehensive Direct Selling Fundamentals Certification (DSFC) Course, which includes 6-hours of instruction and is a pre-requisite to the other certification courses offered by the academy. The second level takes the student through advanced learning as a leader, enhancing their fundamental skills and developing their leadership skills. The third level of accreditation takes the leader through a master level of advanced leadership learning.

Zalewski says, "Certification (even through a voluntary participation) helps set higher standards, enhancing competence and building upon credibility for the independent direct seller as a professional in this industry." He then adds, "This not only benefits the individual direct seller, but also benefits the company they represent and the whole Direct Selling Industry."

Keep in mind that Certification is not licensing, nor is it equivalent to getting a college degree. But it is a formal higher education that helps marketers position themselves as a professional marketer who is competent to be successful at building a direct selling business. Statistics prove that when a person learns, understands, and applies universal fundamentals within their business building efforts, they will enhance their competence of the industry and how to succeed based on high professional standards. This creates an extra element of credibility for the marketer in the marketplace and translates to greater success for the marketer.

Certification may not be desired by everyone, nor is it a requirement of the industry. However, certification can provide an extra element of credibility, a stronger level of competence, and even a core element of formal education ensuring the basic knowledge to get the job done is acquired. This will position marketers and their business building partners as both professional marketers and competent leaders that can effectively produce stronger exponential growth, curbing the attrition that plagues most organizations. The result is they create a happier, more productive, and duplicating organization.

Certification is not only important for the individual marketer, but is also important for the leadership of an organization. By getting certified, the leadership can help lead their team by example and with action that meets the ethical standards of a true professional in the industry.

About Direct Selling Academy, Inc.:
Direct Selling Academy, Inc. is an Ohio-based Corporation headquartered in North Canton, Ohio and specializes in training and performance improvement solutions for the Direct Selling Industry. The resources provided not only help accelerate business growth and profits, but help you save time, money, and effort (as well as frustration) in the process. The company's objective is to help people improve their performance and accelerate success. A key differentiating factor between the Direct Selling Academy, Inc. and other training resources is the academy brings universal fundamentals training to you in a "hands-on" accelerated learning environment where you not only learn how-to succeed but you are provided customized training focused around your specific wants and needs. To learn more about the Direct Selling Academy, Inc. visit

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