Exclusive- yourBusinessChannel confirms interview with Saatchi boss

Released on: June 8, 2008, 3:53 pm

Press Release Author: David Chandler - yourBusinessChannel

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: At a glance: business advice - free online business TV shows
- new media - marketing and PR - attraction economy - online marketing - Kevin
Roberts interview

Press Release Body: There was plenty of buzz in the yourBusinessChannel
(http://www.yourbusinesschannel.com) editorial room when it was announced that an
interview with Kevin Roberts had been confirmed. Head of the arguably the best
known advertising and branding agency in the world, Kevin Roberts
(http://www.saatchikevin.com) is a thought leader held in the highest regard.

Global CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, Roberts is acclaimed around the world for his bold
perspectives on marketing, branding and business in general. He is credited with
helping some of the world's best known brands to achieve higher levels of success.
The interview was confirmed after yourBusinessChannel editors saw him speaking at
the Institute of Directors Annual Conference in London a few weeks ago.
"We've moved through the attention economy," he said. "People will not be
interrupted anymore, yet most of marketing is still highly interruptive and yelling
for attention. Consumers are way beyond that. We've moved into the attraction
With online marketing at an all time high, Roberts' comments signal a dramatic shift
that promises increased success for businesses that understand the new dynamics and
start communicating in new ways - and maybe a grim end for those that don't.
The interview with Kevin Roberts will focus on this and other major issues facing
businesses around the world today. Excerpts from the interview will undoubtedly
serve as top level advice which entrepreneurs should not miss. The interview with
Kevin Roberts will be featured in shows that will be available in coming weeks, as
part of more than 90 new shows released in the 2008 Summer Series.
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