Go from 0 to $20K in a Month - One-on-One Coaching

Released on: June 25, 2008, 10:20 am

Press Release Author: Kevin McEachern

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: If you are ready to make money on the internet our system and
mentor will work with you ONE-ON-ONE and make you successful

Press Release Body: Did you know that every day there are literally hundreds of
thousands of empty hotel and resort rooms worldwide, EMPTY? That's right empty and
therefore those vacancies are causing those businesses to lose money. However,
there is a solution? www.CruiseTeacher.com
Making these empty hotel and resort rooms available to others if they will pay the
room taxes eliminates vacancies.

Kevin McEcahern of www.CruiseTeacher.com says "These businesses hope these people
will also eat in the restaurant, spend money in the shops, order room service, buy a
movie, etc".

That's why Cruise to Cash has these phenomenal vacation vouchers available for you
to use or give to friends and family as part of your business. Kevin McEachern
wants you to see for yourself for free at www.CruiseTeacher.com and take a FREE
Cruise of the site. Through special partnerships with the travel industry, we can
make these rooms available to you for pennies on the dollar.

These certificates represent REAL values and REAL vacations; they are NOT the
typical SLOUCHER VOUCHERS! If you used each of the vouchers just once next year you
would have used $16,000 worth of vacation power! And many of these certificates have
hundreds of cities and resorts that you can access, making them worth hundreds of
thousands of dollars! And you get them for one-time payment of either $477.00 or
$977.00! WOW!

www.CruiseTeacher.com is here for your success and Cruise to Cash has designed a
system in place for new members to follow, step-by-step, in order to launch, promote
and grow your business. What the average person lacks, however, is a
"take-you-by-the-hand" type of relationship with a particular mentor with
exceptional experience and know how, like Kevin McEachern and www.CruiseTeacher.com
will give.

"You usually plunge head first into a business that you have researched, invested
some careful yet eager dollars into that marketing strategy and sat back to wait for
the success" said Kevin McEachern. Yet what you lack is a plan.
Right now, Kevin McEachern and www.CruiseTeacher.com "I'm going to give you a
step-by-step walk through on how to earn at least 3 to 4 thousand dollars a week
using a business program called Cruise to CASH"!

When you leverage the power of this program and use the logic that
www.CruiseTeacher.com is going to lay out in front of you, there is no reason you
won't be able to put at least a couple extra thousand dollars in your pocket a
month. You then can potentially work towards the goal of 6 figures in your first 12
months - Kevin McEachern.

Lets assuming you want to make at least $50,000- $100,000 this year with Cruise to
Cash. When you make $977 a sale how many sales would it take you to reach $100,000?
Do some simple math.that's 100 sales over a 12 month period. That's about 9 sales
per month. To Make $50,000 just make 5 sales a month. With www.CruiseTeacher.com
you make 100% of the commission with Cruise to Cash and ongoing residual income from
your active members in your business - Kevin McEachern.

Start today and see how it all works at www.CruiseTeacher.com and Kevin McEachern
will become your personal mentor and show you step by step how to put it all
together and make money each and every week.


Kevin McEachern
your personal mentor
tel: 704-241-9100

Web Site: http://www.cruiseteacher.com

Contact Details: 704-241-9100

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