Hesse and Knipps Presents Most Flexible and Fastest Wedge Bonder for Both Ribbon and Wire Bonding

Released on: June 24, 2008, 7:45 pm

Press Release Author: Hesse & Knipps

Industry: Semiconductors

Press Release Summary: Hesse & Knipps, leading manufacturer of high-speed, fine
pitch wedge bonders for the back-end semiconductor industry, is demonstrating the
capabilities of the
BONDJET BJ820 during Semicon West in booth 7357.

Press Release Body: The BONDJET BJ820 is a high-speed, fully automatic wedge bonder
that offers the ultimate in flexibility for both high-speed round wire and deep
access ribbon and wire bonding. It handles all challenging fine pitch wire bonding
applications in a single platform - including RF and microwave devices, COB, MCM and
hybrids, fiber optics and automotive - using aluminum or gold wire or ribbon. The
fastest wedge bonder on the market, BONDJET BJ820 offers bond speeds up to 7

With axis repeatability of 1μm at a balanced encoder resolution of 20nm, the
BONDJET BJ820 provides increased process stability that enables reliable bonding of
extremely small bond pads with a larger wire diameter. A highly versatile 12" x
16.1" work area can serve as two or more smaller stations for efficient handling of
smaller products or substrates. Coupled with intelligent automation solutions,
parallel bond stations in one work area can eliminate significant indexing time,
resulting in 60% greater throughput than competing machines.

"The BONDJET BJ820 offers very high repeatability for high volume production
environments and a large control work area for both wire and ribbon bonding,
offering greater throughput than competitive technology," notes Joseph Bubel,
President, Hesse & Knipps, Inc. "Combining its high bonding speeds, large work area
and intelligent automation solutions, the wedge bonder offers the potential for the
highest throughput on the market."

Other significant machine capabilities include:
. 12.5μm to 85μm diameter wire bonding
. Ribbon bonding from 6μm x 35μm to 25μm x 250μm
. Constant loop height and wire length
. Maintains parallel loops within mixed reference system
. Auto teach for linear applications, reducing programming time

"The BONDJET BJ820 defines the benchmark in the industry by offering the fastest
wiring speed, largest work area and greatest axis accuracy among its competition,"
summarizes Bubel.

With a footprint of only 720 x 1250 mm, the BONDJET BJ820 can be easily integrated
into existing floor plan configurations or new concepts. For more information on the
BONDJET BJ820, email us at info@hesse-knipps.us or refer to our web site at:
http://www.hesse-knipps.com/index.php?myELEMENT=Bondjet+BJ820+Beschreibung .

About Hesse & Knipps
Hesse & Knipps GmbH Semiconductor Equipment, a privately held worldwide company
based in Paderborn, Germany, is a leading designer and manufacturer of high speed
fine pitch wedge bonders, heavy wire bonders and complementary equipment for
semiconductor backend assembly. The company's automatic wedge bonders handle
aluminum and gold wire in round and ribbon wire configurations with solutions for
both light and heavy wire applications ranging from 12.5 micron (.0005) to 500
microns (.020) wire diameters. The company's product line also includes dispensers
and ultrasonic flip chip bonders, standard or customized indexers and handling
systems, and process and manufacturing monitoring systems for interfacing with the
company's equipment and commercial software packages.


Web Site: http://www.hesse-knipps.com

Contact Details: 2305 Paragon Drive
San Jose, CA 95131

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