Released on: June 30, 2008, 10:46 am

Press Release Author: Nir Alon / images of my thoughts . com

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: Israeli photographer expresses the triumph of love over
challenge in a photojournalism project penetrating the intimacies of special-needs
children therapies

Press Release Body: Climbing out of deep grief for the tragic loss of their
15-year-old daughter, Malki Chana Roth, in the Jerusalem Sbarro restaurant
suicide-bombing in August 2001, parents Frimet and Arnold Roth established the Malki
Foundation. The foundation aims to empower families who have chosen to raise their
special-needs child at home. Based on their own private experience with a
special-needs child at home, on their murdered daughter\'s voluntary dedication to
special-needs children and on the legacy Malki endowed, the Roths have created a
story of hate-inflicted death nurturing love and giving, nurturing life.

Israeli photographer Nir Alon received a copy of a \'letter to the editor\' in which
Arnold Roth rebukes N.Y. Time's decision to illustrate the article 'Hot House' with
a glamour style photo of a smiling terrorist, Ahlam Tamimi. Alon writes in his
private blog: \"I don't usually delve into mass addressed emails but for some reason
this one caught my attention. I surfed into the Malki Foundation Internet site and
became engrossed and captivated for over a week. Thoughts about Malki and the
foundation haven't left me since and it seems they have become a part of my life for
the foreseeable future\". Alon then set out to document the activities of the Malki
Foundation in stills photography. For over a year he compassionately penetrated the
intimacies of children\'s therapies with his camera, creating a significant document
which articulately expresses the triumph of optimism and love over challenge. Alon
now openly displays what most people would never see or know about.

Nir Alon\'s project, \"Malki\'s Legacy\", premiered at The Menachem Begin Heritage
Center in Jerusalem in mid June 2008 and is currently displayed on Alon\'s Internet
site at

This is Alon\'s second wide-scale human-interest photojournalism project. In 2006
Alon published \"In Spite Of!\" dealing with young women in a shelter in Jerusalem.
\"In Spite Of!\" was displayed at the Jerusalem Theatre for Performing Arts throughout
August and September 2006 and received special recognition by Israel\'s First Lady,
Mrs. Gilah Katzav.

Web Site:

Contact Details: 6 Hagai Street
Jerusalem, Israel, 96262

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