Learn the secrets of the martial arts business marketing masters Grow your martial arts school to new heights!

Released on: June 28, 2008, 2:04 pm

Press Release Author: Master Art Mason

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Discover how you can grow your martial arts school to new

Press Release Body: Marketing your martial arts school can be a great challenge. I
have been in the martial arts business for about 25 years. I have

researched marketing, studied with some masters, implemented new ideas, and have
sometimes done very well. But there was always

something missing! Until NOW..........

Do you run a martial arts school? Are you happy with the current state of your
monthly enrolments? Would you
like to learn more about the marketing your martial arts school without spending a
ton of money? When your enroll a new student,

how long do they stay? Would you like to retain your students for years rather then

Come a visit our blog site at http://karate-marketing.com. Here you will receive
some valuable
advise on how to drive more traffic to your door than you even though possible! You
will also get FREE tips
on making successful flyers, creating a variety of ways of make your phone ring,
keeping the back doors closed
and your current students training and happy. This website is interactive with
forums, video and a change to network with other

martial arts school owners. The best part is this fantastic resource is available at
no cost to you.

This site has amazing resources to help you grow your school, and help you fulfill
your dreams.

Registraion for the forums is FREE and you can start to enjoy the site as soon as
you get there. Check it out right now. Don\'t just

be a martial arts Black Belt, be a business Black Belt as well!

Web Site: http://www.karate-marketing.com

Contact Details: Art Mason
3850 Dougall Ave
Windsor ON

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