Trucking Web Site Helps Truckers and Shippers Save Money in Tough Economy

Released on: June 11, 2008, 5:43 pm

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Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: The nation's goods move by truck, even when gas prices go up,
and both truckers and shippers turn to to keep the cost of moving
those goods down.

Press Release Body: Indiana, PA - Trucking web site offers truckers
and shippers everything they need to keep the cost of moving goods by truck to a
minimum, even as gas prices continue to rise.

Trucking company owner Scott Elgin began in 1995. The site has long
been established as the place for truckers and shippers to meet to find load boards,
trucking jobs, hot shot freight load boards, pilot cars, and a place to buy and sell
trucking equipment. has long been established as the premier trucking portal on the
Internet, and now the many years of experience helping truckers and shippers keep
costs down is paying off in a time when gas prices are high and the economy is

"No one likes higher prices for gas, but it is a fact of life that will not go away.
Truckers and shippers use our site to find each other. They use our resources to
keep transportation costs as low as possible in this very tight economy," said

Elgin has created a web site that provides everything needed by the transportation
industry all in one place. It offers a load board so truckers can find freight and
post empty equipment, a dealer center for sales of equipment, a career center with
job listings for all jobs in the transportation industry, a hotshot load board where
transporters can bid on shipments, a pilot car
network, and an innovative pay per click advertising program.

Elgin is the author of \"Cost Per Mile,\" and \"Profit Per Mile\". He has owned a medium
sized trucking company for over 25 years. In 1995 he could not find the resources
his company needed on the Internet, so he created

Because of his foresight, has grown and evolved over the years, and
now today it is the tool the transportation industry uses to keep the goods moving,
even with high gas prices.

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Scott Elgin

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