xTrack Cold Chain Monitoring from Genesis Communications

Released on: June 5, 2008, 5:49 am

Press Release Author: Carl Liver

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: Genesis Communications xTrack solutions help businesses to
effectively manage and monitor their cold chain operations.

Press Release Body: Using the latest technology, xTrack cold chain monitoring
enables businesses to offer an ultra-reliable refrigerated logistics service and
comply with the latest EU regulations.
EN 12830:1999 states that all cold chain businesses are now required to monitor the
exact temperatures of chilled goods throughout the delivery cycle.
Cold chain management allows you to monitor precise temperatures of refrigerated
cargo together with the exact location of your vehicles.

How does it work?
1) Sensors in the refrigerated trailer send precise temperature information to the
xTrack Vehicle black box in the tractor unit every 5 minutes.
2) This device then sends back temperature data as well as precise location to web
based servers which customers can access through a web interface. This enables
customers to easily monitor and report on the information and can be accessed from
the user's desktop from the customer portal of the Genesis website.
3) Drivers can be instantly notified if temperatures move beyond certain thresholds,
so that immediate action can be taken.

Prior to this, drivers would have to wait for the end of a journey for a print out
to show a change in temperature. This could result in an entire load being subject
to spoilage.
xTrack Cold Chain has been specifically designed to withstand the rugged logistics
environment. The sensor\'s battery lasts over a year with annual battery replacement
and calibration included in the cost of the solution, along with installation.

To find out more about xTrack Cold Chain management and how it can help your
company, http://www.genesis.co.uk/xtrack/ to request a call back from one of our
dedicated advisers.

Web Site: http://www.genesis.co.uk

Contact Details: Genesis Communications Ltd
Waterfold Park
Rochdale Road
Phone: 0844 847 9699
Web: http://www.genesis.co.uk

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