3 Millions Internet Poker Players Information Records Revealed Online


Released on: July 28, 2008, 6:18 am

Press Release Author: Poker Sharks Radar Poker Players Stats Database Search

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Over 3,000,000 data information stat records of internet poker rooms players revealed and exposed for free to the public, along the players online pokerrooms hands playing historical pokergames statistics database records, historic play tactic info records, and past accumulated poker game style behavior trend strategy analysis poker play moves, Any person can look and search it all, seek and find the information at no cost, using the brand new free Poker Sharks Radar freeware software application.

Press Release Body: In response to a massive user demand for past statistical play information on online poker room internet players game play style behaviors, Poker Sharks Radar now released a new free texas hold em poker players stats seeking, searching and game historic strategy usages statistics info discovery freeware software for the internet poker rooms online players.

Statistical data accumulated about poker players from internet poker room sites point out that for most online poker players, the stats can accurately predict their next moves based on their past poker game play trends. The PokerSharks Radar freeware software give a real edge to its users while playing in online poker tournament matches over the internet for real cash money or just for the fun with fake poker money, by being able to seek, search, locate and explore their online poker opponent playing stat information at no cost at all .

“Many texas hold em poker tournaments players and online realcash poker game participants feel that now they can not any longer be dependable on their own self memory and poker notes and tips for understanding what the player they play against is all about, is he a poker shark or a poker fish, and what are his regular common poker game play moves” says Poker SharksRadar director Greg Vagner.

Poker Sharks Radar online poker room players information records free look-up and explorations software is now a very popular option as a free software choice for many internet poker game players who need a proper real way to detect their poker opponents game behavior and poker hands statistics and giving them poker tip recommendation based on the texas hold em players statistical historical database records. However, Greg Vagner says that more statistics historically accumulated play data records elements are being now included in the Poker Shark Radar free-ware product.

“Once the on-line poker players get this free to use information search and stat data lookup freeware software product, many of them do begin to realize that this is a real true winning opportunity to make real poker modifications in the way of playing the poker online games. To meet the needs of the internetpoker game players, we have just now include many websites links to pokervideos and poker articles, texas holdm trainings book and poker strategies discussions tutoring forums along with all of the true real cash and freeroll online poker tournaments schedule and almost every exclusive sign up, deposits and special rakebacks bonuses promo offerings” says Greg Vagner.

Poker Sharks Radar is the top completely free info search free software tool for Growing your abilities in winnings extra real money in more online texasholdem and other internet poker games.

It just shows you roughly every statistical piece of information regarding your internet hold em table opponents in addition to info on your internet Omaha, on line 7 stud and other on line poker games opponent web players, all scientifically based on history accumulated on line contest mode conduct testing, permitting you easily predict what will most likely be your online texasholdem poker table opponent next on line hold em move, and what cards your on line holdem poker mates hold based on the method they play their web texas holdem poker table opponent next online texasholdem poker hand cards.

Poker Sharks Radar has a gigantic poker players database list (over 3,000,000 active web hold em poker rooms competitors ) that holds every net poker player past hands for the very last several years, all that numbers was accumulated from web texaspoker poker tournaments results and money tournaments historical hands information that is existing from the on line texasholdem pokerrooms like Party Poker, fulltiltPokerCom, PokerStarsPokerRoom, primaPoker.com, 24 PokerRoom, 32redPoker, battlefieldPoker.com, betdirectPokerCom, betwayPoker.com, Captaincook Poker, CrazyVegasPokerCom, DreamPoker, EurolinxPoker, GnufPokerCom, GoldenRiviera PokerRoom, Intertops Poker, NordicBetPoker, RewardsPoker, 333PokerCom, SpinPalace PokerRoom, StanjamesPoker, tell PokerRoom, wildjack PokerRoom, DoylesPokerCom, betonBetPokerCom, Glodentiger PokerRoom, share Poker and various others are inserted all time.

By seeing your net holdem poker rooms pokertables opponent figures you will know their internet holdem poker play fortes in addition to their soft spots, something that will very improve your net hold em winning odds and much radically add to your net texasholdem poker game profitableness and destiny in the net texaspoker game.

All of Poker Sharks Radar numerical methodological statistical information was piled up over the years alone from publicly results of internet texas holdem poker tourneys, as a result it is o.k to take advantage of this known historical stat information and develop a real edge while playing online hold em poker tournaments over the internet for cash real internet texas hold em money or merely for fun with fake net holdem money chips.

PokerSharks Radar allows you to do a full net texas hold em poker players finding and benefit from a watch list to keep track on your net hold em poker room largest online hold em poker losers (Fishes), this along with the net holdem rooms reviews and web hold em tables locator which explicitly provides you with an instant easy to read and recognize scores of internet hold em table rank according to your full on line texaspoker poker playing technique and texasholdem level.

At The Moment you will be able to sense both the on line holdem poker fishes and the web texas hold em poker sharks, and be intelligent, using this online texaspoker poker game detector scope to spot them and take when to fruitfully play against them while noticeably improving your internet texasholdem poker hand winning odds and calculating their future move.

By being aware of all of your internet holdem poker game opponent’s, outs, statistical information, game behavior practices and their weaknesses and strong points, you will seamlessly play a excellent internet hold em games against them and still be competent to prevent on line texas holdem poker collusion cheats.

SharksRadar is exceptionally distinctive from most on line holdem poker statistical software package and database figures aggregation out there, beside the truth that it is free and available at no cost as a freeware, most of the other web texasholdem poker tools are primarily conceived for spying on your private web hold em poker game play figures, This is why you have to start them on when you play net holdem poker, These products gather the online texas hold em poker data for your private game session that you can now analyze, Poker Sharks Radar gather all the pokergames data and web texaspoker poker players information data out there 24 uninterrupted hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year, also for the online texas hold em poker games which you do play a part in !

Start winning internet hold em poker games by knowing your online hold em table opponent’s weaknesses and strong points and predict their internet holdem poker play strategy!

major features:
Real time statistical net texasholdem poker players game behavior data on over 3,000,000 web players playing online poker, texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 stud and other net poker variations limit / no limit / pot limit net poker and internet texasholdem poker money tournament.

Poker Shark Radar is has a super user friendly interface which is easy and well defined to make use of by internet texas hold em poker novice and internet texasholdem poker experts.

Pokershark Radar allows you with its online texasholdem poker game locater to effortlessly play on line texas hold em poker at the most easiest and the highest cost effective online texas hold em poker tables out there on the internet, against the worst internet texas hold em poker losing players on the web.

Pokersharks Radar is showing you with the tracked statistics accurately next to your net texasholdem table, to serve you in real-time, tracking, sensing & naming your internet poker table game opponents texasholdem online poker playing style (like loose, aggressive, passive etc) and real time opponent signs along with his texasholdem poker game online betting practices.

Poker-sharks Radar At Once allows you to name the internet texas holdem poker fish (worst participants) playing at web holdem table and steer clear of the shark (the better online texas hold em players) that may be playing the internet hold em poker there as well.

Poker-shark Radar will swiftly turn you into an extremely profitable and winning net hold em poker game player, permitting you to permanently go through your opponents strong points and on line texas hold em weakness by stalking his online texas hold em play statistical information, Plus the on line texaspoker poker players tracker will be telling his online hold em betting methods you will be armed with a secret knowledge of his history and present online hold em game play Schemes and ways, and then you will be gifted to definitely calculate his future onlinepoker game play behavior, approach that he will in all probability use and the online hold em game strategy selected by him.

Lists just about every upcoming internet hold em cash poker game tournaments, free rolls tournaments schedules, and signup, no deposit, deposit and rake back bonus promotional restricted internet texas hold em pokerrooms bonuses offers.

Support for over 230 + web texas hold em poker rooms over the web with its upcoming net texasholdem Poker Player Spy and net texas hold em Players Strategy Predictor information and chronological hands information.

“We are really pleased to give this poker tool to all players for free,” said Greg Vagner, “Letting our users experience playing the on-line poker room texas hold em games and tournaments like a real texas holdem poker PROs!”

To download the freeware application at no cost, go to http://www.PokerSharksRadar.com/.

PokerSharksRadar is the internet leading online texas holdem poker tool software publishers. For more detailed informative facts about the Poker Sharks Radar Software Tools Company, please visit the website http://www.PokerSharksRadar.com.

Web Site: http://www.PokerSharksRadar.com

Contact Details: Greg Vagner
Online Poker Players Database Lookup Information Dept.
3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Gerg (at) PokerSharksRadar.com



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