Communication today - are we better off

Released on: July 16, 2008, 1:06 am

Press Release Author: Media Mentors

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Communication is what I do for a living and I have to say in
my last twenty years as a journalist technology has made my job easier and easier -
albeit puzzling at times.

Press Release Body: I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps we were better off before
instant messaging. After all perhaps it would have been better if that mampara (to
use that wonderful term the Sunday Times has given us) Julius Malema's now famous
quote that he would KILL for Zuma hadn't flashed around the world at the speed of
light, helping our rand in its freefall! In the old days - and here I mean one
hundred years ago or so before Marconi invented the wireless telegraph it would have
taken around six months to get news. Hey, a whole war could break out and end before
we'd hear of it over here. Today you cough and the whole world knows instantly!

But back to Mamparalema - in six month's time once he's been hauled across the Human
Right's Commission, possibly spent a night or two in chookie where he'd possibly
join a gang and get a snazzy tattoo, he will not only say he was misquoted, but that
he pleads insanity and doesn't remember saying it at all. By which time the Rand
wouldn't have had time to plummet and Jacob Zuma would have been found guilty and be
tucked up next to his mate Malema so they could bond together further. And the rand
would be fine! Can you tell I'm about to go overseas.
And then there's the refugee crisis. According to government these camps will be
taken down by August so in pre tech days they could have come and gone without
anyone outside SA knowing.

But today no-one is immune and we have to watch what we say very carefully - not to
mention who we're seen with, read cellphone cameras. Had these been around in the
Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton days can you imagine the shots we might have seen?
If you're in the public eye you're virtually fair game 365 days a year - where can
you go where there's no phones and no cameras. Well, possibly maximum security, so
that's good news for Malema!

Marion Scher
Media Mentors

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Contact Details: Marion Scher
Media Mentors

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