Cruise to Cash has revolutionized the travel and home business industry!

Released on: July 2, 2008, 4:48 am

Press Release Author: Rob Franzen

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: Trusted successful business model upgrades with the times

Press Release Body: Rob Franzen has recognized that Cruise to Cash has truly taken
two industries by storm! The travel industry and the home based business industry
meet together in a powerful, modernized way like never before! You can now truly
"Vacation your way to wealth," as seen at

The travel business is over 8 trillion dollars a year industry and growing. Cruise
to cash has quickly become a force to be reckoned with, and is emerging as a leader
above the other direct sale travel programs out there. Thousands are joining
Cruise to cash as members and enjoying the incredible benefits of discounted
vacations and travel while at the same time putting money back into their pockets.
"It's almost like traveling for free, well, in many cases it is," says Rob Franzen
as seen in You can now vacation at 5 and 7 star resorts at 2
and 3 star prices without taken timeshare presentations. Its awesome say's the
successful member Rob Franzen,

The home based business industry is something like 4 to 5 billion dollar a year
industry as well. It is estimated that over the next 3 years more than 75 million
people will set up there own home business's. With gas prices raising along with
inflation it's a wise move to create an extra income. Rob Franzen is not one to
preach make money from home only and fire your boss, although you could. Rather
it's the everyday people who hang phone wires, pave our roads and work hard who make
the world go around much easier and safer. Everyday people who demonstrate good
work ethics still need to make more money, and now have a phenomenal opportunity to
do so. You owe it to yourself and your family to invest a few minutes to look at
this Travel never goes out of style, neither does making
money! Anyone, I mean anyone using their God given work ethics can beat the rising
costs of living with an easy Cruise to cash business of their own. This Cruise to
Cash system found at is allowing everyday folks without any
experience in home based business and online marketing to earn $3,000.00 to
$5,000.00 weekly and some even daily. Cruise to Cash generates an incredible
residual income as well. We all need to beat the rising costs of living, or building
your retirement, or putting your kids through a good collage, or just traveling the
world. It's a wise thing for the stay at home mom or dad, or the handicap who can't
get out of the house or the professional CEO business person who wants more, or even
challenge him or herself to out grow their current income.

You can experience the power of CTC for FREE for 7 days and get a FREE vacation
certificate while you're at it, just go to or contact Rob
Franzen at 1-877-835-3787. Join the thousands of others in becoming free
financially at TODAY!!!

Web Site:

Contact Details: Rob Franzen
P.O.Box 874
Colonial Heights, VA. 23834

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