Cruise to Cash is a unique way for people to make an extra 3k-5k a week giving away vacations

Released on: July 2, 2008, 4:28 am

Press Release Author: Rob Franzen

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: Donald Trump, and Robert Kiyoski, agree that a powerful
networking business that has a hot product and a powerful compensation plan is the
wisest move one could make.

Press Release Body: You may know that the travel industry is the largest industry in
the world growing over 8 trillion dollars a year. Even with the raising cost of gas
and living expenses, travel is not slowing down. The home base business industry
is growing as well. Many of the leading experts on making money such as Donald
Trump, and Robert Kiyoski, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," and many others agree
that a powerful networking business that has a hot product and a powerful
compensation plan is the wisest move one could make. Rob Franzen has found this to
be true with Cruise to Cash!
At Rob has found Cruise to Cash has positioned itself as a
leader in the largest industry in the world. Cruise to Cash has vacation vouchers
that can be customized and used for you and your family or to give away as gifts and
incentives to businesses and their customers. Their product is hot and their
compensation plan is even hotter, leaving all others in the dust. Cruise to Cash
has nothing to hide; you can become a FREE MEMBER at and see for
yourself all the details of the vacation packages and the power of this proven
successful system that is making the average Joe mega money!

There are three levels people can join at to meet their budget, and start giving
away vacations and making money from their very first vacation transaction! You
start making 100% commissions and a powerful residual income plus many more avenues
of revenues in this business. You have unlimited vacation
vouchers to give away at your finger tips.

Best of all, you don't have to be rocket scientist to do this business. Stay at
home moms and dads are making their dreams come true with this state of the art
system. Rob Franzen is one of those people. You will see at
that Cruise to Cash is a fully automated marketing system that does the selling,
and explaining and answering questions for your prospects.

Rob Franzen is a leader and is helping people right now to achieve their dreams!
With this modernized, time tested successful business model and compensation plan,
you will also want to take advantage of sharing not only our products, but the CTC
opportunity with others as well. It is so easy to market, it sells it self.

Contact Rob Franzen right now so he can start working with you to achieve
incredible financial goals that will make YOU your family's hero! Visit NOW or call Rob at 1-877-835-3787.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Rob Franzen
P.O.Box 874
Colonial Heights, VA. 23834

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