New DVD Media Disc Offers Substantially Lower Shipping Costs

Released on: July 1, 2008, 2:07 am

Press Release Author: Shannon Neal

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: The new Flex-Lite Disc reduces shipping costs by as much as
$0.30, uses 50% less plastic than the traditional DVD and bringing a new wave of
flexibility to the market.

Press Release Body: Phoenix, AZ, July 01, 2008 -- ProAction Media has just rolled
out a brand new DVD media disc that is set to revolutionize the industry. The new
Flex-Lite Disc is physically flexible and offers cost saving in the shipping

The new DVD Media allows companies to experience significant savings in postage: A
lighter DVD, combined with reduced weight to the actual printed piece can result in
savings of up to $0.30 in shipping costs alone something literally unheard-of in the

While one would expect a lighter DVD material and a lower-priced shipping package to
result in substantial disadvantages where durability and reliability are concerned,
the Flex-Lite Disc packs another surprise: The DVD\'s flexible nature makes it
possible to ship in a standard envelope, or an adhesive vinyl sleeve. All of this
comes while providing a much higher level of protection than the average DVD mailed
in heavy cardstock, which unfortunately still risks breakage.

On top of that, companies can also feel good about saving money: The new concept
media disc is considerably more eco-friendly, using 50% less plastic, and no
non-biodegradable bonders at all - rendering this DVD 100% recyclable.

To celebrate their innovation, ProAction media is offering a new price match
guarantee program. They will now match any competitor's price or the customer will
receive a free iPod Shuffle. In addition, the company promises to get a CD or DVD
replication order done on time or they'll pay $100 for every day that it is late.

"New technologies always favor the early adapters. Consumers still ascribe more
positive attributes to green companies. We're also seeing higher rates of play
(people playing the DVD in their computer or on their TV) because of the unique
nature of this bendable media.". Says Shannon Neal, COO at ProAction Media.

Neal continues: "An increased efficiency in message delivery and lower break-even
rates due to reduced costs give marketers using the Flex-Lite Discs tremendous
advantages at this point in time. This saying will hold true until everyone starts
using them, that is!". One may think Neal may be going overboard with a vision of
the entire world using Flex lite discs, but the statistics are on Neal\'s side:
Flex-Lite Discs are cheaper, 100% recyclable, and definitely have a fascinating
presence, thanks to their physically-flexible nature.

"We don't know if their uniqueness will last six months or 18 months. However, for
a while, marketers and their clients should enjoy higher responses do to the disc's
uniqueness. The cost savings and lower break-even levels will always be there."
Neal wraps up the interview.

About the Company: ProAction Media was founded six years ago to provide consumers
with a comprehensive solution to their CD and DVD duplication needs. They specialize
in providing unique solutions not only for DVD and CD materials but also packaging
and mailers. With over 17,000 customers, ProAction Media is quickly becoming the
leader in the replication industry.
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Shannon Neal
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Phoenix AZ, 85021
+44 222 656

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