Online Business Opportunity Attracts People Hurt by Slow Economy Needing Extra Income

Released on: July 30, 2008, 9:56 pm

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Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: This online business opportunity is attracting many people in need of extra income as the economy continues to go downhill. This group of net entrepreneurs have joined forces to help each other succeed using a free advertising co-op.

Press Release Body: Spring, TX - This online business opportunity is unique because a group of independent entrepreneurs has joined forces to help each other with a free advertising co-op to bring customers to their automated Internet businesses.

Higher gas prices, rising retail prices, and pending economic disaster in the housing market are forcing many people around the world to look for ways to earn additional income with an online business that is easy and inexpensive to start.

James Roehrich of Madisonville, KY is a member of the \"Freedom Team,\" an international group of net-entrepreneurs who provide free help and free advertising for their online business opportunity. The group offers a free report on the unique way they advertise their business, available online at

Freedom Team members each have their own TrafficWave web site that provides a web-based auto-responder service that can be used by any online business to send out unlimited reports, newsletters, and follow-up E-mails to prospective customers. They market the service through a web site similar to the one at

\"So many people dream of one day having a business on the Internet, but the cost and the time it takes to get started prevent many from doing that. The Freedom Team provided the help I needed to get started, and offers a unique advertising co-op that helps bring me customers at no cost,\" said Theo Flohil from the Netherlands.

There are many risks associated with starting an online business that can be run from home. Most have a start-up cost, operating costs, advertising and marketing costs, and the cost of time. Many people find that they cannot afford the money, or the time it takes to succeed.

Jack Wagoner of Berkeley, CA said he is taking advantage of the benefits of network marketing. When the people he helps earn money through their new web site, he makes a commission as well. The business is set up in such a way that commissions are paid monthly, along with weekly and monthly bonuses, according to Wagoner.

Participation in the Freedom Team co-op is free to TrafficWave distributors who are part of the same downline in this network marketing opportunity.

\"The auto-responder is a great product to offer, but without customers we will fail. We each do our own promotion, but it is really nice to have the additional ads the Freedom Team provides. It brings us some extra customers we would not find on our own,\" explained Todd Reich from Waukegan, IL.

TrafficWave offers the auto-responder to customers in all parts of the world, and welcomes marketing representatives from all countries as well. Any business with a web site, in any country, can benefit from an auto-responder, according to Steve O\'Connor from the U.K.

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