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Released on: July 7, 2008, 4:53 am

Press Release Author: Avnish Saxena

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: If you are shipping internationally or moving overseas, and
exporting personal belongings, household goods, boxes, crates, pallets, furniture,
appliances, commercial cargo, manufactured goods, or if your auto, car, van, pick-up
truck , or boat needs to be shipped overseas, we will help you with all our shipping
methods to ensure a safe, fast, and efficient move for your shipment. We understand
your need for finding quality service without the big price tag. By shipping with
Shipping International INC, you will save time and money without sacrificing peace
of mind. For your convenience we offer weekly sailing in most cases.

Press Release Body: Our international shipping company is an appropriate answer in
international shipping industry for both domestic and international customers
worldwide. Here we understands and values all your needs in an exclusive manner to
entails high levels of international shipping coordination.

Knowledgeable International Shipping Experience: Our acquired experience in
international shipping company has led us to provide you the best knowledgeable
services that you expect from us in terms of money and time. Working with our
worldwide shipping company will be a great advantage for you with best quotes and
services. I must say that our knowledge in the international shipping industry will
offer you the cost effective services.

Adequate Customer Needs: Our worldwide shipping company gives consideration to all
the specific needs of clients before offering any quote to clients. We value all our
clients. It is really worthy to pay shipping international company for informed
decision. It is a right solution for everyone who needs the best cargo services.

International Coordination for All Industries: We maintain a strong need for
integration and coordination for all the industries in all the segments. Our
high-dispersion and high-coordination in worldwide shipping company helps us to
deliver the goods at your door step. Our extensive international shipping company
coordination is possible because of its efficient staff.

International Shipping Standards: Everyone wants to receive the best cargo services
with best standards. We offer the services through all alternative modes available
in our international shipping industry either it is air cargo, sea cargo or road
freight, etc. Our worldwide shipping company meets all the international standards
with the best offered quotes.

Strategy That Suits International Shipping: We are recognized for our best strategy
to follow that suits the international shipping standard. We are recognized for our
global integration in international shipping industry and the appreciable part is
that all our clients feels good when we provide them the desired knowledge with the
right quotes. This really helps us to work in all the remote corners of world and
attain global integration.

Cost Benefits for Shipping International: Our International Shipping Company offers
the cost benefit plans with the proper evaluation of the commodities in terms of
pricing and best delivering. Our information about the cargo services provides the
cost-efficient decision to all our clients nationally and internationally.

Create Geographical Proximity: We believe to create the geographical proximity by
deciding which activity can be sourced successfully. It can be any industrial value
chain or any international shipping economic activity. We are intending to make
international shipping company in scope for every industry. We also consider the
costs generated by geographically separating activities without outweigh the

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Web Site:

Contact Details: Medi Bolourchi
7070 Mission Street
Daly City, CA 94014

Phone: 650-991-2600

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