Tpad offers Residential, Mobile and Business VoIP Phone Services Worldwide

Released on: July 10, 2008, 3:11 am

Press Release Author: Steven Johns / Tpad

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Tpad, the global provider of the residential and mobile Voice
over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services, today announced it has developed a new
IP PBX Business Solution catering to the lucrative small to medium sized enterprises
(SME) marketplace.

Press Release Body: This move is intended to vigorously compete with business VoIP
telephony companies such as Packet8, Vonage and Skype. The Tpad solution has been
specifically targeted at businesses that require a simple yet powerful, robust phone
solution using the latest VoIP technology.

\"As more and more businesses eventually learn about the extensive features and major
benefits of VoIP phone solutions we wanted to be in a position to offer a low cost,
easy to use package that would appeal to these businesses,\" said Chris Morris,
General Manager of Tpad.

\"Tpad has designed a VoIP Solution that can be tailored for any SME in the World
enabling Tpad to offer any customer the most flexible and affordable business VoIP
phone service available todays competitive market.\"

Tpad offers a wide range of next generation telecommunication solutions including a
hosted and managed IP PBX package. The hosted IP PBX, called Tpad Lite, will allow
any company in the world to have their own private phone system hosted on Tpads
global VoIP network.

Using the hosted solution companies will automatically reduce their cost of
ownership on expensive communications hardware, as this solution allows them to
simply rent access to the hardware from Tpad for a small monthly fee.

If you combine this saving with the massive savings on international VoIP calls
using Tpad, this business VoIP solution is very powerful and competitive in the
expanding business VoIP marketplace.

\"We are very excited about having this excellent, user friendly business solution,\"
said Morris. \"We have developed a communications package to fit in with todays
demanding business needs. Using the Tpad solution will allow businesses to make
massive savings on communications costs whilst enjoying the very latest calling
features on this next generation platform.\"

About Tpad:

Global VoIP ITSP, Tpad, offers internet-based telephony solutions for individual
residential and business users as well as small to medium sized business enterprises
(SMEs / SMBs).

Tpads hosted / managed IP PBX solution is comprised of custom made call management
software (Tpad Xchange) coupled with powerful business class features. Companies
subscribing to Tpad Business VoIP pay a nominal amount per month for fully
enterprise class IP PBX functionality.

Tpad also gives businesses an option to use any VoIP / SIP devices (ATA / IP Phone /
Nokia WiFi Mobile / Softphone).

For additional company information, visit Tpad\'s web site at

Steven Johns
Marketing Manager
Tel: +441282777711

Web Site:

Contact Details: Time Technology Park
BB12 7TW
Tel: +441282777711

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