Consumers Looking Forward To Control Their Spending

Released on: August 4, 2008, 1:44 am

Press Release Author: Johnphilip Philip

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Those who can't afford to meet their needs due to rise in
prices, then taking out personal loans is a good option to fulfill your entire
requirements. It acts as your strong financial support system at reasonable rate of

Press Release Body: According to a new study, Britons are planning to control their
spending because of the increasing cost of living.

Research carried out by the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society reveals that
with the rise in inflation, many people have decided to balance their money
management in order to cut down their spending. To start with they have slashed down
the expenditure on eating outside. As per the report, around 45% people dine in
restaurants at a frequent number of times whereas 14% people have quit taking meal

Meanwhile, half of the women are spending less money on shopping and as reported 41%
of men also doing the same.

It was reported that a large number of people are spending more on food, utilities
and fuel. In recent months 59% of the Britons have experienced an increase in
monetary commitments without depending on children claim.

According to a financial services firm that about 27% of the surveyed claim to
introduce a household budgeting plan. Meanwhile, 16% are looking for a job to add on
their income. On the other side, 37% are yet to find the way to manage their

Norwich and Peterborough revealed that like last year 44% of people plan to go away
on holiday just often. Over 36% of people are presently dining out as many times as
they were around this time in 2007.

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