Cost and Simplicity See Big And Small Businesses Moving To Online Software For Everything From Sales Support To Accounting

Released on: August 7, 2008, 12:09 am

Press Release Author: Lucy Whittington

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: Xero provides small businesses and their advisers with one,
up to date, easy to use, instantly accessible set of accounts and business

Press Release Body:

England,UK, Aug 07, 2008 -- BlueGlue recruitment is a small business that's made a
big decision ( They are committed to
using online services such as online accounting software wherever possible, and more
and more businesses are choosing to do the same.

Industry commentators are tipping 2008 as the year online software becomes
impossible to ignore. Analysts Gartner predict the global Software as a Service
(SaaS) market, worth $6.3b in 2006, will grow to a massive $19.3b by 2011.

Xero online accounting software ( co-Founder and UK MD Hamish
Edwards says there are solid business and lifestyle reason behind this huge
technology trend.

"You don't have to look far to find out why everyone's so excited. Online software
offerings like Xero are in tune with the way we live and work in 2008," says

He cites the case of customer relationship management tool Once
without real competition, it's now so popular that Microsoft, Oracle-Siebel and SAP
are all jumping on the bandwagon with competing products.

Edwards says online software offers distinct advantages to business, large or small.

"Society is in the midst of an enormous trend to take everything online. Everywhere
you look people are collaborating, connecting, and sharing content over the
internet. Now it's possible to do that with business information - you can access
the latest version of your information wherever, whenever. And so can the people
you're working with. That's a big advantage.

"Then there's the cost factor. These applications require a low upfront investment,
you pay as you go, and someone else worries about hardware to store the data. This
is pretty appealing to anyone with an eye on the bottom line, especially in times of
economic uncertainty. Who doesn't like low maintenance, low cost, low resource

"Thirdly, it's just easier. Products like Xero means you and the people you work
with can access the latest version of you data anywhere, anytime. Someone else is
taking care of the IT infrastructure, the storage and the back up. You just log on
and start working."

That's certainly been the experience at BlueGlue. FD David Johnson says the switch
to Xero online accounting software has delivered some big gains. "Running our
accounts online saves us money, it increases our control, access is easy, and there
is guaranteed security. We get one version of the truth to work from in terms of our
financial position, and know that it is backed-up every day. The best thing for me
with Xero is that there is now easy access to management level information that I
don\'t have to take the time to prepare!\"

Xero provides small businesses and their advisers with one, up to date, easy to use,
instantly accessible set of accounts and business information.

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