Credit Repair Companies - Can You Afford to Trust Them

Released on: August 8, 2008, 11:34 pm

Press Release Author: Link Popularity Directory

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Credit repair companies deliver what they offer - or do they?
Not all credit restoration companies are created equal. Some may actually do more
harm than good. Can a person find a company that can really help?

Press Release Body: In the worst-case scenario, a "credit repair company" could be a
"fly by night operator," who will meet the intended victim at any place but their
office, take their money and never be seen again. Still there are other companies
who "help" by deleting a few adverse credit entries in a credit report using
generally known techniques of dispute but leaving most of the negative entries just
as bad off as before they started. Often times this can be worse, leaving the client
financially poorer and not at all accomplishing the goal of achieving a good credit
rating or at the very least resolving their credit card debt.

Even with the best of intentions, in most cases there is not much that the credit
repair firm can do, due to their limited knowledge and resources for handling
difficult bad credit issues. Most of these companies only know how to, as one credit
repair practitioner put it, "We bombard the credit bureaus with letters." They don't
have a clue as to proper procedure to really address an issue to resolve it, so
instead, they antagonize the credit bureaus, which is why so many of these companies
give anyone dealing with credit issues a bad name; regardless of how much knowledge
or integrity they demonstrate.

The good news is that there is a professional and meticulous company that can handle
all types of credit debt problems, with the knowledge and experience of knowing how
to handle those issues in a manner consistent with the needs of the client. This
firm is Frederick David & Associates.

The firm's president, Frederick David, is a credit expert, an Arbitrator as well as
a Certified Civil Court Mediator. He doesn't just read a credit report, he does a
thorough credit check by analyzing each entry, discusses with the client what is
being reported, and determines the best course of action to take, to look into and
resolve any issue affecting their good credit that is lowering their credit scores.
This firm does have the experience and knowledge of how to handle all types of
negative credit history concerns.

Frederick David's first question to a new client is, "What brings you to me at this
time?" What is it that leads you to want to restore your credit now? The credit
restoration process now has a focus, to help that person restore their credit
profile so they can achieve their goals. Mr. David also provides them with
additional credit help through credit counseling, to help them maintain their good
credit rating after the adverse credit issues have been resolved.

Being a well-organized professional, Frederick David keeps an impressive file of
clients' letters thanking him for the work he has done in their behalf, and speaking
of the home they have now qualified for, or the car they have just purchased.

Frederick David & Associates also handles issues for clients facing the possibility
of Foreclosure, including Short Sale, Loan Modification, and other alternatives to

For more information on credit reporting issues call Mr. David at (954) 565-9300,
e-mail him or visit the company website at or ask for an
appointment to see him in Broward County at 3471 N. Federal Highway, Suite 510, Fort
Lauderdale, Florida 33306.

Web Site:

Contact Details: (954) 565-9300
3471 N. Federal Highway, Suite 510
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306.

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