Experts-For-Hire Help Canadian Companies Prevent Information Security Breaches and Ensure Legal Compliance

Released on: August 18, 2008, 11:43 pm

Press Release Author: Claudiu Popa

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: Toronto-based Informatica Security offers outsourced security
solution to provide enterprises expertise to lead and strategize security efforts.

Press Release Body: Toronto, Ontario, August 19, 2008 -- According to Toronto-based
security researchers, leadership and governance, not technology are the answer to an
effective information security strategy for Canadian organizations. Despite the
delays in the introduction of mandatory breach notification requirements within
Canada's data protection laws, serious security incidents continue to damage the
reputations of private enterprises as well as the public sector.

This month, Informatica Security introduced FlexProtect VirtualCSOT, its first
information security governance service designed as a cost-effective solution to
assist organizations with the challenges of strategizing, implementing, managing and
maintaining an effective information protection program.

Claudiu Popa is a recognized security expert and Informatica's president, a trusted
corporate advisor on matters of compliance, privacy and security: "Managers of
Canadian firms want to believe the media reports claiming that each security
incident is an isolated event. Unfortunately, even without the breach notification
laws present in the United States, it's become plainly clear that these situations,
whether they involve Environment Canada, the Passport Canada site or any number of
private sector companies, are recurring, common and significantly damaging events.
These events can all be prevented with proper security governance, policy
enforcement, awareness education and effective technology, but it all takes
leadership and a strategic direction to make it happen".

For organizations that have sensitive information to protect which, according to Mr.
Popa is 100% of Canadian firms, the FlexProtect VirtualCSOT will be a dedicated
security and privacy expert who works closely with executives on matters of
governance and strategy, implementation and project management for all initiatives
involving compliance and information asset protection.

"Instead of being reactive, Canadian executives need to take responsibility for the
protection of their customer data, their own compliance with the law and even the
unfortunate events that lead to breaches. VirtualCSOT is simply an effective
extension of our consulting services that offers dedicated expertise at significant
cost savings - up to 50% - for every organization." said Mr. Popa.

Companies interested in acquiring certified security and privacy expertise should
contact Informatica Security for an on-site evaluation and a customized VirtualCSOT

About Informatica Security Corporation

Informatica Security and Privacy is a leading information risk management consulting
firm focused on providing unmatched expertise to enable client organizations to
control and mitigate information security risks, meet compliance challenges,
alleviate the effects of wrongsourcing and adopt proven standards and best practices
for exceptional governance. The firm's FlexSecureT risk assessments and professional
audits, FlexProtectT security management, STORMT (Scalable Techniques for
Operational Risk Management) and WorkLifeT Enterprise Risk Education solutions are
proven best-of-breed solutions that scale to meet the business and compliance
requirements of diverse industries.

For additional information, please contact Informatica at 416-431-9012 or visit and

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