Global MD, Inc releases `Implementing the American Medical Association`s Guidelines for Medical Tourism`

Released on: August 25, 2008, 4:31 am

Press Release Author: Amanda Hayes

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: An article, Implementing the American Medical Association's
Guidelines for Medical Tourism, has been published by Global MD, Inc\'s Amanda
Hayes-Kibreab. It examines the impact of the Guidelines on Medical Tourism.

Press Release Body: Los Angeles, CA August 25, 2008 --

Global MD, Inc's Amanda Hayes-Kibreab, Esq. ( released a
new addition to the Global MD Article Library entitled: Implementing the AMA's
Guidelines for Medical Tourism.
In the article Hayes-Kibreab explores the AMA's newly released Guidelines for
Medical Tourism and how they will affect patients, hospitals, insurers, healthcare
payers and medical travel companies.
Today, more than 48 million Americans are uninsured, while millions more learn they
are under-insured when they become sick. America spends more than $2.3 trillion, or
16% of GDP, annually on healthcare costs. By the year 2016, U.S. Department of
Health and Human Services forecasts that health spending will be $4.3 trillion, or
20% of GDP. Though America spends more than any other country on healthcare, it is
ranked 37th in overall quality among the world's healthcare systems by the World
Health Organization.
The AMA has recognized the rising cost of medical services as a leading cause for
patients exploring treatment alternatives abroad. Now the medical field's primary
physician organization has weighed in on how medical tourism should operate. The
AMA's Guidelines are primarily aimed at protecting patient safety, but also address
important matters like continuity of care after the patient returns home, legal
rights and transparency. This article discusses how to implement the AMA's
guidelines to best achieve their intention.
Text of Hayes-Kibreab's article can be found on Global MD's website at
Ms. Hayes-Kibreab and Natasha Bellroth co-founded Global MD, Inc. a leading medical
travel facilitator headquartered in Southern California,
Global MD is at the forefront a global trend of offering medical treatment abroad
to patients who cannot access desired treatment at home. The Global MD founders'
industry expertise makes their contributions to these timely issues uniquely
For additional information about Global MD's services or about the news that is the
subject of this release, contact Amanda Hayes-Kibreab or visit
About Global MD:
Global MD was founded in early 2007 by Amanda Hayes-Kibreab and Natasha Bellorth out
of their desire provide access to healthcare treatment to those who have been denied
access to care at home due to lack of insurance, high costs or the unavailability of
physicians. Global MD connects patients with elite international medical
institutions and provides up to the minute information and facilitation assistance
to complete the continuity of care circle. Individual and institutional healthcare
payers seek out Global MD because it provides the highest quality of service and
expert case management. Global MD is committed to expanding access and improving the
standard of care around the world.
For more information, Contact:
Amanda Hayes-Kibreab
Global MD, Inc.
269 South Beverly Drive, Suite 622
Beverly Hills, California 90212

Web Site:

Contact Details: Amanda Hayes-Kibreab
Global MD, Inc.
269 South Beverly Drive, Suite 622
Beverly Hills, California 90212

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