Holistic Acid Reflux Treatment Helps Thousands Worldwide In Quest For Heartburn Freedom

Released on: August 5, 2008, 9:37 pm

Press Release Author: Jeff Martin

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: July 10, 2008 -- After suffering from severe acid reflux for
more than 17 years, trying almost every conventional acid reflux drug and treatment,
Jeff Martin, a 42 year old research expert, health consultant and nutritionist from
California, began an extensive 11-year research to find an alternative cure for acid
reflux and create the ultimate holistic system for curing acid reflux and achieving
lasting freedom from heartburn and digestive disorders.

Press Release Body: Former heartburn sufferer launches a unique step-by-step acid
reflux treatment to help sufferers worldwide in their quest for lasting acid reflux
cure and a sleep without pain.
\"Acid reflux sufferers are getting tired of being exploited\", Says Martin \"There are
too many marketers and charlatans out to make a fast buck on the expense of the
vulnerable. Acid reflux sufferers simply cannot afford to spend their hard earned
money on pricey heartburn cures and quick fixes only to be disappointed time and
time again.\"

Through his research, Martin realized that there is an abundance of
heartburn cures that focus merely on the symptoms of acid reflux, but very few if
any that focus on permanently fixing the root cause.

\"The sad truth\", adds Martin, \"is that even the so called natural approaches to the
treatment of acid reflux that are aimed to cure acid reflux from within, are either
unrealistic, impractical or are often the same one- dimensional gimmick cures
disguised as holistic solutions.\"

According to Martin, in order to permanently cure acid reflux one must approach the
disease from a holistic multi-dimensional perspective as oppose to tackling only a
single factor that leads to heartburn formation. Furthermore, the program must be
practical and logical to use.

\"There is simply no other way, but the holistic way\", says Martin, \"The Heartburn No
MoreT program was born out of these necessities.\"

Learn more: http://www.HeartburnNoMore.com

The Heartburn No MoreT is a unique step-by-step holistic acid reflux treatment,
consisting of several sub-plans each designed to tackle a different factor
responsible for acid reflux. The main idea is using both the powers of the body and
the mind to help the body heal itself from the inside out and prevent the recurrence
of GERD.

In a down-to-earth, often very personal and moving style, Martin guides you through
the entire process of getting rid of your acid reflux holistically, and achieving
heartburn freedom, without the costs and side effects of conventional medications
and antacids.

Targeting acid reflux sufferers who have tried or wish to avoid conventional drugs
and harsh over the counters, the Heartburn No MoreT program has been proven
effective with all types of acid reflux (Hiatal Hernia, Gastritis, Esophageal
Reflux, or Bile Reflux) and in all levels of severity.

Since its release, in early 2007, the Heartburn No MoreT program, the result of 11
years of research and experiment, has literally helped thousands of people worldwide
to achieve permanent heartburn freedom.

In a message to Martin, Greg Nicotero a 37 years old from the U.K, writes: \" I'm
only 3 weeks into the heartburn no more program and by following the principals of
your program I am already experiencing significant relief in my acid reflux
condition. I have been battling with acid reflux, food intolerance and leaky gut
syndrome for 7 years and I am so thankful for the invaluable knowledge I have
received from your book. I will definitely recommend your book to anyone suffering
from digestive disorders and chronic heartburn. People can surely use your knowledge
and expertise to recover form this painful condition and take responsibility over
their health and well-being. This program is the answer to my prayers.\"

\"No, I\'m not a doctor\", laughs Martin, \"but I sure am proud to have created a
program that truly helps other acid reflux sufferers to end their physical pain and
anguish for good and gain their lives back\".

The Heartburn No MoreT program includes an exclusive one-on-one counseling provided
by the author.

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Jeff Martin
Higher Ways Publishing INC
TEL: 510-217-9223

Web Site: http://www.HeartburnNoMore.com

Contact Details: Jeff Martin
Higher Ways Publishing INC
TEL: 510-217-9223

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