International Players Tour announces MelanSol as Preferred Sunscreen

Released on: August 13, 2008, 1:40 am

Press Release Author: Bill Conwell

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: IPT Membership to benefit from radically new All Natural
Antioxidant formula

Press Release Body: Saginaw, TX. August 13, 2008 -- International Players Tour
(IPT) announces the selection of MelanSol All Natural Antioxidant Sunscreen as the
"Preferred Sunscreen" of the IPT, joining a growing number of companies and
consumers who recognize that antioxidants are the key to protecting skin from
long-term UV skin damage. MelanSol achieves the highest level of skin protection by
combining strong topical anti-oxidants with reflective UV filters. It filters a 96
percent of UV rays so you can stay out longer. The strong topical anti-oxidants help
prevent free radical UV damage by allowing your skin maintain its delicate balance
between oxidants and anti-oxidants. Bill Conwell, IPT's SVP-Business Development,
offered, In a world consumed with SPF measurement, MelanSol gives us the
opportunity to address the root causes of skin damage through application of
anti-oxidants. And we're proud to be offering this revolutionary product to our
players and their families.

MelanSol is a chemical free sunscreen invented by Peter Zahner, a basal cell skin
cancer survivor. Zahner designed his all natural sunscreen to be safe for all ages,
while being in complete harmony with our environment. \"MelanSol is a new kind of
skin protection for outdoor enthusiasts, especially golfers spending five or six
hours in the sun. We applaud IPT's commitment to provide players with an all natural
sunscreen to help them avoid accumulated UV skin damage that can lead to the fastest
growing forms of skin cancer, said Michael Russ, US distributor for MelanSol.

About International Players Tour (IPT)

International Players Tour, operated by prior management of Champions Golf Tour
(CGT), was launched in January 2008 for the purpose of bringing PGA style
competition to avid golfers everywhere. Operations began in April 2002 under the
banner of the Champions Golf Tour, which was founded by Ron Beaman in the
Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Ron developed a business model that would provide avid
recreational golfers a chance to play in an environment similar to major tour events
inside the ropes for significant prize money utilizing a proprietary handicap

After conducting its first event in June, 2002, CGT followed with 17 tournaments in
2002 and awarded nearly $60,000 in prize money. Significant and sustained growth has
occurred in subsequent years in player participation, number of events, and prize
money. With over 1200 players in their system, IPT management conducted over 150
events in 2007 within ten state and twelve metropolitan city areas with payouts
exceeding $570,000. In 2008, the IPT will conduct 200+ events in fifteen different
metro areas, culminating in the Tour Championship at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in
Texas, with the winner taking home $20,000 in GUARANTEED first place prize money!

The Model that Works is now being adopted effectively and implemented successfully
in multiple cities, with projected expansion into 5-10 new markets each year
including international locations - through a unique licensing rights program. See for additional information.

About MelanSol
MelanSol 100 percent natural sunscreen provides immediate high performance skin
protection. It's anti-oxidant rich formula works with the body to provide your skin
with premium protection from free radical damage, while natural zinc oxide reflects
UVA and UVB radiation across the full spectrum. The super antioxidant protection in
MelanSol is anchored by Bio-Melanin, an extract from the fruit of the date palm.
Bio-Melanin is a class of super antioxidant with a 1000 times greater capacity for
capturing and terminating free radicals than vitamin E and green tea alone.

MelanSol is made in the USA and distributed by Oceana Naturals, LLC. It is
available on-line and through a growing number of selected retailers nationwide i.e.
International Players Tour.

Media inquiries, please call Michael J. Russ at 866-242-3776.
See for additional information
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Press Contact:
Bill Conwell
International Players Tour (IPT)
5533 Strawberry Hill Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28211

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Contact Details: International Players Tour (IPT)
5533 Strawberry Hill Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28211

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